American Horror Story

''We Lived In The Murder House 

We Escaped The Asylum

We Protected The Coven

We Attended The Freak Show

We Checked Into The Hotel

We Had A Roanoke Nightmare

Now We Join The Cult''

-Ryan Murphy

Founder Jammer7g1v7
Founded 9/9/17
Status Open
Roleplay Style Descriptive, and good grammar.
Current Residence

1. Jammer7g1v7

Name User Theme Age Season
Adam Anderson Jammer7g1v7 Demons 15 Cult

Hello, I see you have stumbled across our page. This is still in the works. Anyways, this roleplay is based off all the seasons of American Horror Story, from Murder House to the new Cult. I do not own the GIF, or AHS all of it belongs to Ryan Murphy.


1. No powerplay, the person must be ok with them dying if it comes to that.

2. Kissin is allowed, nothing more then that.

3. You can swear, but use ( or " to block out words so you do not get suspended.

4. You can't be a character's kid unless they are 25 and above, and no you can't be Tate's daughter that's not possible.

5. You have a choice to either be from Murder House, as a possible ghost who died outside of a house and can go wherever they please, or a clown from Cult. You can be someone who was in the Asylum, or in the new Coven with Cordelia. Also you can be a possible relative to someone who was in the Freakshow, since the timeline right now is in 2016.

Link to our roleplay with other fandoms.

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