Basic Information
Full Name Abdiel Geest Diablo
Pronouciation Ab-deal Geese-st Dia-blow
Nicknames Abby, Diel, Weirdo.
Sex Male
Age 17
Orientation Bisexual
Species Shadow Demon
Crush Unknown
Group Dissipated Spirits

Brief Description

Abdiel is a 6’1, seventeen-year-old male with raven medium length hair and sky blue eyes. His skin is a soft pale complimenting his splattered freckles perfectly spread across the bridge of his nose. His build is more of a triangle form due to his broad shoulders and slender waistline. He is indeed a Shadow Demon who comes from a rich history, due to his father being Neko Diablo, the son of a demonic God driven to madness, and his mother, being the daughter of Satan’s brother, Nightmare, who runs hell and seeks vengeance upon Umbra due to all he caused wrong. His bubbly personality and wacky mood sets seem to reflect upon his relatives, and maybe a bit onto himself. He lacks the knowledge of what he can really do, how bad his family actually is, and who he truly is himself. Abdiel runs freely and now tends to relax at the Temple of Lost Souls as a member of Dissipated Spirits along with his pet Shadow Feline, Murmur. Murmur is his best friend (Besides Seidii of course) and has stuck around to see Abdiel grow over the past years to be the being he is now. 


You see, I was a simple boy. Y’know, I went to school, partied, almost was killed, oh wait, did you think I said normal? Oh boy ain’t this awkward huh? Why don’t we start fresh, to when I was born. Not to brag but I was an adorable baby when I was younger. Now you might think I’m just saying this but damn did I catch all the girls eyes in elementary. I’m joking I’m joking, I was an average joe and practically no one paid attention to me. When I was noticed I was attempting to run away from society because like I said, I am far from normal. Now you might think ‘’Oh he’s over exaggerating we’re all different and normal doesn’t exist blah blah..’’ Well sorry to deny your beliefs but I didn’t grow up like the rest of the kiddies who were loved and awed at. You see while the other kids got attention I was hiding from powerful demons who wanted my skull because I posed a threat..Fun right? Want to know my first words? ‘’K-k-kill.’’ Awwwww, cute right? Anyways, my family tree contains some strong demons, not to mention I was trained by a strong demon. No one thought a Beast and a Diablo would get together, but lookie what happened. Turns out my dad had an eye on my mom for awhile, and then I was just a little, how do I make this sound less horrible, ‘’Miracle to magically enter their lives.’’ Or also known as I was an accident. Thanks to this little accident now my Grandfather stalks me and randomly helps me here in there, but I keep seeing his scythe everywhere.. Well, I like to think he helps me. This may sound weird, but I’ve actually never met my Grandfather. My father informs me constantly he’s a bad man and to not get involved with him but beside a few stories my family don’t talk about him. I hear faint whispers of his name, thats all.. Now besides my father’s comments I still want to meet him, I mean sure he was turned to insanity but he could have some good in him. I guess my family gave up a long time ago which is sad. I guess some things will never be found out..