Welcome to WaterLilly Dance Academy Edit

Rules Edit

  1. No Fighting,This will give you a temporary suspension from the group
  2. No copying others,That means moves
  3. No spies allowed,This means if you just came to spy on my group
  4. Lily
    Be committed,Come atleast 2 days a week ( Im not asking for much )
  5. No spying on the rival team
  6. Follow Dress Code
  7. You Must Be a Bunny Only!

Dress Code Edit

  • Together the dress code is Blue and Green
  • Females - Blue or Green or white ballet Skirt or Designer with a white or pink headflower
  • Males - Green or Blue or White Tuxedo - Green,White,or Blue Beret
Dance Levels Edit
  • Learner - You Learn The basic Steps
  • Beginner - You perform basic steps and learn intermediate
  • Intermediate - You Perform intermediate and Learn Expert
  • Expert - You Perform combinations of all and teach Learners
  • Co Director - You Help With all classes
  • Dance Director - Teachers whole Academy Performs
  • Boys Resemble Flower and Water - Girl Resemble The Flower
Dance Director - Cupcakeworldstar ; Mr.Baron Edit


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