Gif for aleta

Usernmae Fieryglamo77
Occupation Living in Asgard



Twin Sister 

Status  Alive 

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Speed 6/10




Agility 9/10
Loyalty 7/10
Combat Skils 8/10


Leadership  4/10
Climbing  6/10
Swimming 6/10


1. Aleta has an ability of what I would like to call Silence. It's an ability I have created from making a combination of two abilities from two of favorite books, Red Queen and Carve the Mark. What this ability can do is that she can weaken the physical strength and power source of the opponent by either touch or sending an electric blue beam of light towards them. As the beam of light enters them, or her hand is upon them, they will experience immense pain and discomfort while their power and strength are being weakened.

2. The second ability Aleta obtains is Pyrokinesis. That is the ability to either create, shape, or control fire with the mind. 

Aleta is very snarky, especially towards those she dislikes. She is also quick-tempered so sometimes the smallest of things can bring out the negative side of her. Other than that she is passionate in what she believes in, and contributes gallant efforts when it's time to get the job done. If you're fortunate and can find yourself having a close relationship with her, you can see the intelligence that lies within her and how considerate and lovely she is.
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"Do they ever shut up on your planet?" - To Thor

"My remarks are just one of my many amazing qualities." - To Jane

"As long as everything is exactly how I want it, I am flexible and just enough to manage."

"It is what it is. Accept it and move on."

"It's nice to have someone in my life to make me smile, even when you're gone." - To Thor
IMG 2494
  • What Aleta's silence ability looks like.
  • It is a rarity for Aleta to be able to produce blue fire. If it does happen, it's by accident.
  • This is the ordinary, everyday fire Aleta can make and/or control.
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