"Wh- what's the point of befriending people if they just.. leave me?! M- Mia left me because I was protecitng her from some angels in Heaven!"

Red by remarin-dar9m3p


"P- please don't hurt me.."

Roleplayed By + Nicknames Jammer2vfbq, + Xie
Gender + Sexuality Male + Hetrosexual
Species Demon
Voice Weak and small
DOB + Age TBA + 12
Abilities/Powers Teleportation, Summon Items


"A- are you here to stop hurting me or no?.."

Anxiety is a pale skinned and white haired boy who has a milky gaze, like his mother/Akira, he has two curved horns and wears a tuxedo alot with a large tie and white pants. He has scars all over his arms, hands, and body from his father abusing him when his parents got divorced. He has a small, weak, and slender body due to that and his height being around 4"9.


"P- please go away!"

Anxiety is a shy and easy to scare demon who has a stutter. He gets tense whenever someone touches him, he's nice once you get to know him more and might devolep a crush on a girl when their his friend of course.


"..I- I don't wanna talk about it.."


Anxiety was curled up against Adrenaline, hearing their parents arguing again. His eyes were closed as he whimpered softly as his sister stroked his head, muttering that'll be okay. He thought this all happened because of him, the youngest one out of the family before hearing a loud crash in the room, causing the small boy to yelp and curl up closer to Addie. "It's okay, Xie..this happens alot.. shhh.." she patted his head, cradling him. He hugged her before Akira and Melancholy become bursting into the room, screaming at eachother before his father slapped her, releasing an agitated growl and roaring loudly. "GET. OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE!" She summoned all of his stuff and threw it at him. causing him to growl angerily and storm towards the two, causing Xie to bury his head into Addie's chest before he got pulled away. Reaching towards her, he started to get dragged, causing him to cry loudly as his mother stared at him being dragged through the door and disappearing into the shadows.

»»————-  ————-««

"Anxiety! Get over here!" His father snapped making the small boy run towards him, a scar was across his face with his left horn somewhat chipped from the abuse as he moved forwards. "Y- yes?.." He stuttered as Melancholy raised his hand and patted inbetween his horns before slapping him. He yelped and whimpered, pulling away as he summoned a belt and just began BEATING the poor boy as he cried out in pain and for help. No answer as summoned as he was continued to get tortured before he tossed the belt inside, causing the small male to scramble back, bleeding from his arms and legs as he whimpered. Fear was clearly shown in his pale pink gaze as he moved away slowly before he got grabbed by his horn, causing him to cry out in pain.

"You aren't leaving this house, pathetic excuse."

"B- but dad.. I wanna have friends!" "You don't deserve any friends, worthless kid!"

He started whimpering before kicking his stomach and running off, crying.

»»————-  ————-««

Xie was asleep in his father's car as he drove home silently, the radio blasting the most random crap. The vehicle lurched to a stop, releasing a screeching noise as Melancholy roared loudly, slamming his hands onto the wheel, making Anxiety yelp and wake up, "Wh- what happened?!" He looked panicked as he moved around in his chair. 

"Stay back there."

He nodded.

"Wait actually. Come up here."

"O- okay?.."

He crawled up there before getting slapped in the face, causing Xie to yelp and scramble back. Fear in his eyes. As they drove home, he stared out the window, wanting to be rescued as he whimpered softly.

»»————-  ————-««

"You're a horrible son, Anxiety." Those words hit the poor kidd as he released a soft whimper, giving off a snall whimper.








"N- no one is here for me.. they left me!"

Name/Relation/Status/Trust Rate/Thoughts 


Akira/Mother/Alive; Away from Melancholy and Anxiety/87%/"M- mommy! C- come back! D- don't leave me with him! H- he's crazy!.. P- please.."

Melancholy/Father/Alive; With Gorge/21%/"Y- you hurt me! T- tortured me! T- then left me like I was garbage!"

Gorge/Step Mother/Alive; With Melancholy/21%/"I- I barely know you but..will you hurt me?.."

Adrenaline/Sister/Alive; Living with Akira/89%/"N- no! N- not you too! C- come back! P- please.."

Divine Dragoon/Adoptive Father/Alive; Raising at the moment/98%/"I- I sort of trust him but he's apart of Heaven and holy.. then I'm something that's unholy.."


Mia/Friend, Crush/Alive; Avoiding him for reasons/100%/"You're my best friend! I- I'll never leave you!"

Zeke/Friend; Father Like Figure/Alive; Raising and Helping/100%/"A- atleast you're like an actual father to me.."

Angela/Aquintance; but hated by Anxiety/Alive/47%/""





As you can tell, Anxiety has a stutter.

He has a major fear of heights.