"I don't judge by first impressions, unless it's a really crappy one."


🌿 Identity 🌿Edit

Status Active on chat, inactive on AJ
Roleplayer Lunarlilac0/CelestialLily
Group Element Academy
Rank Student
Gender Female
Race Greek and Irish
Age 14
Teacher Mr. Fox, head of Earth
Crush None
Family Regan Willows and Katerina Willows

Name: Athena Elora Willows

Nicknames: None ATM

Gender Identities: Female

Sexual Orientation: Unsure

Age: 14 Thoughts on school:

β€œ The one thing Element Academy and the orphanage have in common is that they're both full of idiots. β€ž

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Birth Date: April 27

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Birth Season: Spring

🌿 Appearance 🌿Edit


Athena has a silm, slender, and tall build, and may appear extremely skinny due to malnourishment as a child. Despite this, she is surprisingly strong. She has high cheekbones with light freckles dotting her very pale skin. Her eyes are a light blue and almond-shaped, and she has long, wavy, ginger hair that is often neatly brushed and pulled to one side.

Athena is often found wearing her old leather hunting jacket with a forest green shawl and combat boots. She often wears an old beige sweater, or a worn-out stained shirt. She always wears a necklace her mother gave her. In colder temperatures
, Athena wears sheepskin and a warm coat. On special occiasions, she wears a traditional greek dress, and puts her hair up in a fancy bun.

Voice: A deep and calm voice with a Greek accent and a sarcastic tone

Scent: Herbs and honey

Nationality: Greek and Irish

🌿 Personality 🌿Edit

Athena has very strong survivalist instincts and an independent nature due to her time at the orphanage. She has developed a tough, hard, and sarcastic demeanor, which makes it much harder to make friends. Though Athena may be blunt, antisocial, sarcastic, and cold at times, she has a secret softer side that not many people know of. She may be found delivering food to orphans or saving someone in danger. She is usually very logical, even in dire situations.

Athena is strong, stubborn, and determined. She will react first and ask questions later. On the battlefield or training, she may seem firey and reckless, however, during freetime or studies, she is often very calm, collected, and intelligent. Regardless of the situation, she has wit and street-smarts from living on her own for most of her life.

Even though Athena is skeptical and self-reliant, if you build her trust, it will never break. She is protective of loved ones and has an instinct to protect and care for the weak. She has a sense of justice, and becomes resentful when herself or someone else is not treated fairly.

Rarely, Athena may do reckless and dumb things in certain situations, but she is intelligent nonetheless, possessing both street-smarts and book-smarts. She gathers most of her knowledge from her mom, who educated her very well at a young age. During her time at the orphanage, she discovered a small library and would steal books from them to read. When she went to Element Academy, she discovered the massive library and now spends most of her time there.

Behind Athena's snappy demeanor lays a strong, witty woman who knows how to take care of herself. she's always determined to persevere through anything and everything, no matter the situation. She is very headstrong and will refuse to back down, no matter what.

"It takes hell to earn my trust, and hell to break it."

🌿 Likes & Dislikes 🌿Edit


  • Rainy days
  • Archery
  • Olives


  • Heat
  • Ignorant people
  • Most people in general
  • The orphanage

"Leave me in peace."

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🌿 Relationships 🌿Edit


Athena's only known family at the moment are her parents.


  • Katerina Willows - Mother - Deceased

I miss you, and I will always miss you.

Athena and her mother had a very close mother-daughter bond. She educated Athena and taught her many of her skills, such as healing. Even long after her death, Athena still misses her and hopes to see her again one day.

  • Regan Willows - Father - Unknown

I hope to one day see you.

Athena has never met her father before, as he left to go back to Ireland soon after her birth. Even though she has never met him, her mother told her that he was a strong and hardworking man. Athena wants to someday meet him for the first time.


Athena is lonely and has no interactions yet lol

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β€” Athena to nobody

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