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    Coding Stuf

    February 27, 2018 by ShatteredRay






    The Elites









       You must be active at least one time a week or check in with a Lord to stay in the group. If not, you will be removed from the group and we will notify you. If you do not reply in a week, you will be permanently removed from the clan. All your OCs will be removed from the page and you'll be moved to The Fallen category.


    The Elites do not allow power-playing. You will have one warning before being kicked from the page.

    What is considered, "Power-playing"?

    Using abilities your class(es) does not allow.

    Reviving one that is dead.

    Using NN, NM, or something that gives you immediate victory.


    No editing without permission from the high ranks(Lords, Captains).

    No accepting forms.

    Absolutely no adding discou…

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    Main Page

    Elite Ranks &



    Name Hierarchy  About Rights  Classes
    God - - - -
    Gaurdian - - - -
    Lord Leader of  The Elites Lords have been picked out to be the leaders Meetings, attacks, orders. 2,3
    Captian Mentors of Super Elites & Elites Captians are normally there to help

    suggestions, orders, meetings,

    Super Elite The warriors of The Elites The have (normally) picked their rank in first year

    Talking to upper elites, suggestions, orders, sometimes meetings

    Elite Apprentices of * They are experiencing classes and learning

    Suggestions, Talking to Super elites and Captians.

    Healer - - - -
    Trainees - - - -
    Mother - - - -


    Name About Abilities Power Level Ranks
    Witchery It usually parts from wicca Some healing, spells, some weap…

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    Pastell Reference Sheet

    February 2, 2018 by Cantynide

    idk how to delete this

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    hux (chainedillusion)

    January 18, 2018 by Eclipticc

    someone on ajcw deleted this oc, so now i have to work on it here oof

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