Blossom's main color is dark gray while her secondary color is light gray.


parents: unknown

Mother of Snowflake Berryclaws

Enemies: phantoms and evil animals

Allies: other animals (not evil) and ahphas


Blossom was just a little fox back when the phantoms did their attacks a while back, now she seeks revenge on them due to they ruined her home, she has become the dark huntress and now she is training her daughter in her path. They both hunt together and in the flag shop, were they go after a hunting trip, they go on a break once a month after a visit from the flag shop. They both seek for the truth and peace among all of Jamaa. Btw when it's time for friendship, she is the friendship seeker. Once, when Blossom was on a hunting trip, she encountered a lion named Sparkle Quietclaw and they teamed up and have been together often ever since.