Coven of Shimmering Stars

"There Is No Force More Powerful Than Those Determined To Rise"


Founder Chloer123
Founding Date 4/22/17
The High Priestess is the highest ranked witches. They lead the coven, they make the decisions and the plans. They are treated with the highest respect. High priestess have advanced powers when they become a leader, the rank is earned.. They will protect the coven with their lives.
A Second degree Initiate is a Witch Priest/ess and Elder of our coven. The Second degree Priest/Priestess is fully committed to the Craft, has integrated Craft ways into his/her life, and has reached a level where she/he is ready to take on the responsibility of a leader. She/he gives service to the coven and to the community, shares his/herself in a healthy manner, acts as a mentor and example of Pagan clergy, and leads and guides others to the best of their and his/her abilities. A Second Degree Priest/ess will begin to help train others in our Coven.

The healers are the cat who heal the clan using herbs. The medics will never participate in battle. They help any cat that is sick, injured or hurting. The healer are in touch with the stars and the stars gives them omens,or prophecies which help out the coven. They are the priests/priestesses who save our coven and are to be respected. Respect will be given to them, or severe punishments will be given.
Healer apprentice
The Healer Apprentice helps the Head Healer with healing other witches or Preist/Preistesses, and collecting herbs and resources. They will never participate in battle, but they will be taught battle spells and hunt. They become a Healer when the senior Healer thinks they are ready. They are a higher rank than regular apprentices and need to be respected.Respect will be given, or punishment will be given.

Third Degree Initiate
A Third Degree Initiate is a Witch and a High Priest/ Priestess of witchhood. The "journeyman" stage is complete, and this Elder is now a master of his/her Craft. Like the Second Degree Priest/ Priestess, she/he is fully committed to the Craft and has integrated Craft ways into his/her life, giving service to the Coven and to the community, sharing him/herself in a healthy manner, acting as a mentor and example of Pagan clergy, and leading and guiding others to the best of their and his/her abilities. The major difference of the third degree initiate is that s/he has completed leadership training and is deemed fully able to begin his/her own coven. S/he may hive off and form his/her own coven at any time, and when s/he does so, s/he is considered completely independent of the home Coven.
During his/her tenure as a Second Degree Priest/ess, and as a Third Degree Priest/ess within our Coven, s/he will continue to actively participate in rituals, continue personal work on the individual self, and contribute to teaching classes on an as-needed basis. All Coven rituals are open to the Third Degree Priest/ess while s/he remains a member of the home Coven.
Respect will be given, or serve punishments will be given.

A First Degree Initiate
A First Degree Initiate is defined as a Witch who has been initiated into the Craft. To receive First degree initiation is to have committed one's life to the Craft in general and to apprenticeship with a coven practicing Wicca.An Initiate's training for the next degree is initially academic but increasingly will involve more active participation in coven rituals as an Officer or Acting Priest/ess. S/he is therefore expected to attend as many Esbats and Sabbats as possible.

All Coven rituals except Second and Third Degree Initiation are open to the Second Degree Priest/ess.
All Coven rituals except Second and Third Degree Initiation are open to the Second Degree Priest/ess.Requirements for First Degree initiation into the Coven are:

The Dedicant must petition the High Priest/Priestess for initiation. They, in turn, will discuss this request with the Elders and get input as needed from other First Degree Initiates of the Coven. The Elders will then make a collective decision. It should be noted that initiation does not automatically follow the Dedicant's request. However, if the Dedicant's request for initiation is denied, she/he will receive an adequate explanation from the High Priest/Priestess.The Dedicant must have attended all required classes, completed all required reading, and attended a minimum of 6 (New Moons), Minimum time that this can be accomplished in is six months.(one week)

The Dedicant should have established and continue to keep the following:
a) A magickal journal (containing observations from his/her personal and magickal life which are relevant to his/her spiritual work)

b) A Grimoire (the Craft manual which includes neat class notes, written reactions to books read, bits of lore, and class handouts)

c) A Book of Shadows (the book of rituals which s/he has done, written or participated in).Note: The Dedicant should be prepared to share information from their "notebooks", as appropriate..
A Dedicant is one who has begun his/her journey into the Craft and has decided that s/he wishes to explore further through the Coven. This is the starting place for new Coveners and, because this is a beginning stage, a Dedicant is not considered an Initiate of the coven. A Dedicant's training centers on classes and other education which she/he is expected to attend to the best of his/her ability. Once accepted for dedication, the individual will take the Dedicant's Oath as part of a regular Circle, during a waxing moon, before all coven members. The Dedicant would make a committed attempt, through classes, assigned exercises, meditation, ritual, reading, and intellect to come to some understanding of her/himself as a spiritual being in this world.The Dedicant would seriously consider throughout the time of Dedicancy whether Wicca is the correct spiritual path for his/her life to follow and whether this coven is the proper place for him/her to undertake the training.The Dedicant should attend the rituals which are open to Dedicants which are usually New Moon and full moons.If the Dedicant hasn't completed the requirements for First Degree Initiation by the end of the six months, a reaffirmation of the Dedicant's choice to pursue the priest/priestesshood would be done at the regular Circle. This will be done at the end of the twelve-month interval, as well, if all requirements have not been met.

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