Crossovers! The Roleplay

Hello, welcome to Crossovers! The Roleplay. Wanna know why it's called that? Because, in a nutshell, this is crossovers... the roleplay. Let me explain the rules.

  1. No roleplaying as a original/non-original character that isn't currently in the Crossover list.
  2. You can roleplay as characters which are in the media your picking from; just no humans or characters exclusive to other versions of said media (anime adaptions, book adaptions, etc.)
  3. Don't suggest games/shows/toys for the roleplay.
  4. Double grouping is allowed; just don't mention your in another group during the roleplay.
  5. No power-playing.
  6. No Mary Sues.
  7. The only drama your allowed to cause without asking the owner is killing off your character, but this is only allowed during dangerous events. Any where else in the roleplay, it's not allowed.
  8. If you join, you join. If you want a trial round, ask first and tell us how long you want it to be.
  9. This isn't really a rule, but if you make an arctic wolf/wolf wearing a spike/headdress/elf tail armor or any other cliche item, it will be less likely to be excepted.


This is the list of things this roleplay crosses over with.

Your OC must be from either Animal Jam or one of these games/shows/books/toy lines.

Pokemon - Kirby - My Little Pony - Warrior Cats

Remember new games, shows, books, and toy lines are always being added!



Different groups your character can be in and roles for you to use within these groups.



Good characters are exactly like what you'd expect - they're the good guys. On a mission to save the world from a great evil, with the help of a magical team known as the Guardian Walkers and their inter dimensional travel powers, only one thing stands in their way; the ultimate evil.


Fighters - Ordinary, basic fighters. They fight. Nough' said.

Gatherers - People who are sent out to gather things of use, such as weapons, food, etc. They can be sent on scout missions.

Scouts - People sent to sneak onto places of interest, usually enemy bases, to gather information, similar to spies, but in a different way. They can be sent on scout missions.

Spies - Very similar to scouts, they are sent to enemy bases to pretend to be an ally of the enemy for extended periods of times, which can be months. This is to gather information, or plan an ambush. Leaders can do this job. They can be sent on scout missions.

Nurses - People who use both traditional and modern medicine to heal injured allies.

General - A person with high relation to the leader who leads the fighters into battle.

Healer - A person with high relation to the leader who orders the nurses what to do. They are an expert at healing.

Ninja - A person with high relation to the leader who leads the spies. They lead scout missions, but they don't host them.

Leader - The leader of the good characters. They control every that happens within the group.



The Guardian Walkers are kinda like a second good team. But more awesome. Using a magical crystal to travel through the dimensions, the leader, Explorer Fancyclaws, constantly gathers more heroes for the team and saves others. And, they band together to save the world.


Warriors - People that are skilled fighters that battle enemies. They aren't masters at fighting, though.

Wizards - Wizards are people who are skilled in magic spells that fight off enemies. They aren't magical masters, however. Shamans - People who use their knowledge and medicine or sometimes even magic to heal allies. They aren't experts, however.

Knights - People clad in armor who guard the group with their life. They are very high class.

Guardians - The strongest and most noble person in the group, they lead the knights into battle.

Mystic Wizards - The person with the strongest magic in the group that leads the wizards into battle.

Lead Shamans - A person in the clan with the most knowledge on medicine and healing magic. They give orders to the shamans.

Leader - The leader of the group. They lead the guardian walkers, and control everything they do.


Evil characters are what you'd expect.. they're the bad guys. These villains have one goal in mind; take over the universes. Using the power of a magic crystal they stole from the Guardian Walkers, they hop all through out the dimensions, recruiting the baddest baddies, kidnapping good guys, and possessing creatures to aid in their quest. The good guys and Guardian Walkers need to stop these people, or else!


<font color=maroon>Brutes - People who are strong fighters who enjoy killing.</font>
<font color=midnightblue>Necromancers - People who possess strong black magic. </font>
<font color=black>Assassins - People who take part in executing prisoners and unloyal members. </font>
<font color=darkgoldenrod>Boss - A person who leads the evil characters, and schemes up all of their evil plans.</font>


These are mechanics in the roleplay.

SCOUT MISSIONS Scout missions are a mechanic that only the good characters can use. It is very important for the good guys to preform these. Scout missions are when gatherers, scouts, and spies are sent by the millions to spy on an enemy camp. Gatherers with gather things of interest, scouts will spy on the enemy, and spies will enter into the other camp as a double agent in disguise.

EXILE AND EXECUTION - During roleplay, a member of the group may be exiled or executed. Now, there are two ways for your character to be exiled/executed; the banning way, and the roleplaying way. The roleplaying way is that, when a roleplayer wants to kill off their character and/or spice their roleplay up, they can get permission from the leader to be exiled/executed. They will make their character do something really bad (stealing from the camp, helping the bad guys, etc.) and then, their character will be exiled or executed depending on how bad the crime was. If their executed, your character is flat out dead. Now, you can replace your character with another OC if you'd like. If your exiled, you can either declare your character dead and make a new OC, or you can continue their roleplay within the "Wild Forest." However, the banning way is much different. If someone breaks an extreme rule, or breaks rules too often, their character can be executed/exiled. Normally, your character is exiled, but but the rules you broke were SUPER important, your character can be executed. However, they both have the same effect; after the other members roleplay your character being kicked out if it's exile or being killed if it's execution, the leader will unbuddy you and lock you out of their den. Your character will now be declared dead, and you will not be allowed to make a new character, meaning you have been permanently banned from the group.



These are places we may access in the roleplay.


This is a map of the good characters' camp.

GOOD GUY CAMP - This campsite, located deep within Sarepia Forest in an empty clearing, is where the good characters live. Outside, several rugs, carpets, and other things have been laid out for people to sleep on. Inside the camp, there is also a special area where the nurses and healer stay. At the very top of the treehouse, there is a throne room where the leader stays. Outside the camp, there is also a small hut, where fighters can practice fighting by using plushies as punching bags. And finally, connected to the treehouse is a cave where spies go when the ninja appoints them to do something.


MT. CINERE - This volcanic mountain is where the evil characters live and survive. (W.I.P.)