💫Welcome to the Dragon RP!💫


🌙The Dragon RP Was Created! 11/11/16🌙  
🌙Hien Was Granted Leadership Of The Dignity of Ice By The Dignity of Souls!🌙

    🌙Traditions and Beliefs🌙

                                                         Tradition OneEdit

The dignities of the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Clans all believe in the dragon religion. This religion involves Rakuseki (Stone Fall), the first dragon of the Clans. When the moon is at the Night of Full, the dragons hold a festival. This festival involves the leaders of the Clans. Their role is to gather by the Sacred Pit of Rakuseki, a waterfall tumbling into an endless abyss at the edge of all territories. The leaders look into the abyss and say the ancient words, "Rakuseki, Rakuseki, may the sun set on the peak. Rakuseki, Rakuseki, may the moon rise on the hill. Rakuseki, Rakuseki, may you return to us." when these ancient words are spoken, they wait. In silence. If the waterfall freezes, Rakuseki has given them blessing and good luck. If it does not within five minutes, then Rakuseki has given them nothing. This is known as The Ceremony of The Sacred Dragon.Edit

                                                    More coming soon!Edit

                                                    Northern ClanEdit

There are currently no dignities in the Northern Clan.

                                                    Southern ClanEdit

The Dignity of Ice is located in the Southern Clans in the tundras. This is the only dignity here.

                                                    Eastern ClanEdit

There are currently no dignities in the Eastern Clan.

                                                    Western ClanEdit

There are currently no dignities in the Western Clan.

                                                    The Dignity of IceEdit

The Dignity of Ice is located in the tundras of the Southern Clans. This Dignity is led by Hien, which means Ice Flame.

                                                    The Dignity of SoulsEdit

The Dignity of Souls is where dead dragons live for the rest of time.

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