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The Earth Kingdom is one of the world's four nations. Spanning an entire continent as well as several subsidiary islands, it is the largest and most populated sovereignty in the world and encompasses much of the eastern hemisphere.

King/Queen 1X 

The king, or queen leads the kingdom. They are to be respected and listened to.

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Fieryglamo77 18

Council of Five

The Council of Five is a group of five high-ranking Earth Kingdom generals.

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Air Force (Infinite)

The Earth Kingdom also acquired the specifications for the hot air balloons, which were once Fire Nation exclusives, and incorporated them into their own line of warfare, albeit modified to bear the Earth Kingdom emblem and colors

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Kyoshi Warriors 5X

The Kyoshi Warriors are an all-female group of fighters.

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Troops (Unlimited amount)

Troops are the warriors who fight to protect their people.

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Mentor (Infinite)

Mentors train the young earthbenders.

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Healer 3x

Healers do their best to help the wounded and sick.

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Young (Unlimited)

The young are small children who grow up to become future earthbenders, and are taken under the wing of a mentor, but can sometimes be taken as an apprentice to a general.

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