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This page is currently under renovation. We will not be accepting forms until it is complete.
Founding Date August-September 2016
Founders Lunarlilac0 and Supertigerawesomenes
Member Count 38
Status Semi-Active
Accepting Forms? Not currently, soon though
School Lunarlilac0's Den

Element Academy is a magic-based school. It is currently lead by Thisismyusername3, Astrangehusky, and Miss Thyme, who currently doesn't have a wiki account. Don’t expect the leaders to change anytime soon. EA provides a unique experience and while offering interesting plots and exciting (Roleplay) drama. The community itself of EA is free of any drama, and a majority of the students are passionate about EA and always want to lend a hand. Roleplay is in a closed universe, so no other schools or such may be associated with us unless Miss Willow says so. 24/7 roleplay is not expected or allowed in EA. You may enjoy EA if

You like school or magical roleplays

You are interested in complex and enthralling plots that make up a majority of our story

You like unique and one-of-the-kind roleplays

You are okay with not doing roleplay all the time

You are capable of respecting the headmasters and accepting punishment

You distinguish roleplay from out of roleplay



The biggest rule in Element Academy is no powerplaying. It makes roleplaying no fun, and also it’s very annoying to deal with.


The second most important rule in Element Academy is respect. Not only must you respect the staff, but you must also respect your peers.


The next rule in Element Academy is to not request elements! For instance, perhaps you’re in Hogwarts. You don’t ask to be in Slytherin or whatever house you want.


Another rule in Element Academy is not switching elements. Same deal with the previous rule. You get an element chosen by the headmaster, and you stick with it, even if you hate it. All elements are cool, so who cares? You’ll grow to like your element.


This rule also ties in with the previous two. Don’t base your look entirely off an element. Looks don’t matter, it’s your OC’s personality that does. Also, don’t try to base your personality off one element. We’ve gotten so many “Edgy” Dark students, and the ratio of Dark students to all other students is pretty sad.


Another rule is to not cause any serious drama without telling Lunarlilac0 beforehand. I’m fine if you cause a little drama without notification, but it is much more helpful to tell a dean or headmaster for any big drama. Drama is necessary for EA, but too much is annoying.


The Dark Forest is forbidden. Period. A lot of students, particularly dark, love to go in and hang out there all the time, and this is a warning that there is serious danger inside, along with a curse.


Don’t forget to buddy the user Elementacademy. It’s a spare run by Lunarlilac0 and it keeps track of all the members.


If you’re nonmember, this rule doesn’t apply to you, but if you’re a member, this rule is for you. After you get an element, change your name tag color corresponding to the element. This will be easy to keep track. Fire is red, Water is blue, Light is silver, Dark is black, Earth is green, and Air is gold.



Are you interested in Element Academy's history?

[Insert link here]

The archive might satisfy some of your needs. Click to see the archives and the information we have gathered from it... So far...


Hey! I'm Ariya, a former Earth student here at Element Academy. I'm here to show novices like you around until you get adjusted, so here is the day of an Element Academy student!


First, you wake up at 7 AM sharp. I know you might want to sleep in, but don't, unless you want to end up running laps in your pajamas because of Miss Snowy. You can get ready and go down to the dining hall, where you are greeted with equally as grumpy and exhausted students. Great. Luckily, the breakfast is AMAZING! By 8 AM, it's time for training. Water and Earth meet with Miss Willow, Light and Air meet with Miss Thyme, and for any poor unfortunate soul who is Fire or Dark, you meet with Miss Armor. Dark and Fire students, be prepared to not learn anything at all as your classmates start trying to be edgy and bratty! At 11 AM, training is officially over. Then you get an hour of free time, which is always a favorite among students, until noon.


After your one hour is up, time to go back to the dining hall for lunch! The Deans and Headmaster will discuss any important events, and all that other boring stuff everyone ends up forgetting anyway. By 1 PM, you will start a class. The classes switch according to the day and what's next on the cycle. Look down below for info on the classes. All are pretty cool, except P.E., which is pretty hellish. Sorry, Miss Snowy. Just kidding, no one will ever apologize to Miss Snowy because she sucks and hates us all. After your classes are over, it's time for another hour of free time! Yay! After your free time is over, time for group training, with all the elements! Ready to spar to the death against your peers? No? Well too bad! Ha, just joking, the teachers would never make us kill each other. Besides Miss Snowy. Anyway, getting off track, once you're done, it's finally time for dinner.


Head down to the dining hall for the last time today to treat yourself to a scrumptious dinner. Try the peach cobbler, it's delicious. When you're done, time for even more free time. Miss Willow advises to do your homework during this time, but of course, no one listens. Freetime is over at 9 PM, and it's time for bed now. Curfew is 9:15, and you really should be in your beds by the time, or... Let's just say you're going to have a horrible nights sleep. Sleep tight!








Music is a key code for EA. Different music plays at different times of the day, and if you are attentive and observant, you may hear the music change and know what is happening.



This is the place for all the recent news of EA. Deaths, events, club times, ETC will all be put here. The “new” symbol signifies that the news is 5 days old or younger. The news is to be cleared after a month.



I have some questions planned already, but if you have any, be sure to put them in the comments so I can answer it or even put it up on this section.



Joining Form (Currently closed)

Name- Put your OC's name here

Username- Put your AJ username here

Gender- Put your OC's gender here. It is okay if they are a "they" or anything like that

Personality- Put OC's personality here. Be sure to include both positive and negative traits

Description- Put a description of OC's look here

Roleplay Example- Put a roleplay example here. It can be anything, like fighting, in class, during free time, etc

Extra- Anything else you would like to tell or ask us? Does your OC have a backstory*? Put it here

*Don't try to make your backstory overly dramatic, like "My family was slaughtered by phantoms and Greely himself raised me but then I killed him because he was secretly evil! And then I found out that he was my real father! So I went on a rage and killed everyone! And then I was made the phantom queen! And then they tried to betray me! So I killed them all! And then I was made an alpha! And now, I'm posing as a normal person and going to this school as a spy for Zios to destroy any and all evil!"

Teacher Form (Currently Closed)

Name-Put OC's name here

Username-Put your AJ username here

Gender- Put your OC's gender here. Look at the note on the last form

Description- Put your OC's description on how they look here

Personality- Put your OC's personality here. Include positive and negative traits

What class do you want to teach?- Put your desired class here

Why should you be a teacher?- Put why you want to teach at EA. Please use over one sentence

Teaching Example- Put a teaching example here to see if you're eligible for being a teacher

Extra- Anything else you'll add?

Inactivity Form

Name- OC's username here

Username- Aj username here

Why are you going inactive?- If this is for personal reasons, it's okay to be vague 

How long will you be gone for?- If you're not totally sure, estimate just leave it blank and tell 

Extra- Anything else you want to say? Leaving Form (Hopefully this will hardly get used <3) Name- OC's name here

Username- Aj username here

Why are you leaving?- Put your reason for leaving here

Feedback on EA- Any feedback? Please put it here. Constructive criticism welcome and encouraged!

Extra-  Anything you would like to say before you leave?


(Currently closed)

Name- OC's name here

Name of Plot- Name of plot here. Creative names are fun!

Where and when- What time in roleplay and where it occurs

People involved- Who is involved? Please talk to them in advance, and don't kill off unless they say it's okay

Extra- Anything else you would like to say? Any new characters met? Any deaths? Please say them here

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