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~General Information~

Founders Lunarlilac0 & Supertigerawesomenes
Den used for RP? Lunarlilac0
Founding date September 2016
Rp times N/A
Season Summer
Current Headmasters Lunarlilac0, Supertigerawesomenes, Fireheart16006








Username Name Element
Lunarlilac0 Miss Willow Earth & Water
Supertigerawesomenes Miss Thyme Light & Air
Fireheart16006 Miss Armor Fire & Dark


Username Name Job Element
Dogdogdogdogdog2013 Miss Snowy P.E




Moonbav Miss Fauna Counselor



Tuliptiger123 Miss Vines Student Helper Light


  1. No powerplaying. You will get one warning and if you continue, you will be expelled.
  2. Don't be mean, unless it's in character.
  3. There is certain music that plays at certain times.
  4. Respect the headmasters.
  5. Do not question the headmasters.
  6. If you are talking about something not in the roleplay, try to put it in parentheses or something like that.
  7. Buddy the user called Elementacademy. He is a spare run by me and it is very easy to keep track of the students if they all buddy him.
  8. Talk to me if you want to cause any drama.

p style="font-family:Garamond;text-align:center;">~Music~</p>

Here is a list of the music and when it plays.

The Music When it plays
Bass Camp During group training
Hidden Falls During training
The Great Escape During an attack
Sarepia Forest During dinner
Lucky Clovers During Lunch
Mystical Morning During morning and freetime
Chamber of Knowledge During Potions and Core class
Meet Cosmo During Herbology
Mt. Shiveer During night
New Years Fortune During P.E.

Here is a list of the classes and who teaches them.

The class Who teaches it What's it about
Herbology Miss Thyme Learning about plants
Potions Miss Armor How to make potions and their uses
Core Class Miss Willow Lore, elements, history of EA, Jamaa
P.E. Miss Snowy How to play sports, getting fit
  • The creator of this wiki page is Lunarlilac0
  • EA stands for Element Academy
  • The den for EA is in Lunarlilac0's den
  • A year in EA is a month in real time
  • You will be going to EA for 12 years, which is one real life year
  • In order to advance to the next year, you must go to EA three times a month and take place at the end of the year challenge
  • If you excel in your element, you will be put under a private training program for gifted students
  • There will be a fun event in the middle of the EA year
  • There will be a lot of drama
  • Miss Thyme has two souls of students trapped in her. Shadow, a black fox, is the evil one, and Burrito, a pink fox, is the crazy one. They come out sometimes and wreck havoc
  • Miss Tyme is also the nurse
  • To join, fill out the form below
  • We will try to have EA every day from 10am-1pm PST on days without school, but days with school we will try to have it on Mondays and Fridays from 3pm-4:30 pm PST. This might not happen though

~Joining Form~




~Picture of your look/description~

~Backstory (Optional)~


~Roleplay example~


The bulletin for the school will be on Supertigerawesomenes's jammer wall and also on here. Check regularly to see updates and more.

6/25/17: Please welcome our new teacher, Miss Fauna!

7/16/17: Auditions for the Talent Show will be held in the library for the next few days. Don't miss out!

7/16/17: The Talent Show will be held on these following dates: 7/19, 7/20, 7/21, 7/22

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