Hello students, and welcome to Element Academy. This is a magic school where you can make friends, get an element, train, learn, and more.

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There are 6 elements. They are fire, water, earth, air, dark, and light. You will not choose the element, the headmasters will. The headmasters are:

Username Name Element
Lunarlilac0 Lilac Water and earth
Supertigerawesomenes Holly Earth and light
Fireheart16006 Phoenix Fire and dark
dogdogdogdogdog2013 Crystal Air and light

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  1. No powerplaying;you will be expelled instantly if you powerplay
  2. Don’t be mean, unless it’s in character
  3. You do not choose your element, don’t complain about what element you get
  4. Respect the headmasters and don’t question them
  5. There is certain music that play at certain times

Name of music Time it plays
Forgotten Desert When air and light train
Ocean Base Camp When earth and water train
Hidden Falls When fire and dark train
Mystical Morning Freetime and meal time
Meet Cosmo Herbology
Mt. Shiveer Night
New Year’s Fortune P.E.
Chamber of Knowledge Class (Potions and regular)
Great Escape During attack
Base Camp Group training

6.Buddy the user Element Academy

Why? Because, 1, I don’t want to accidentally unbuddy you. 2, it’s much easier to keep track of Element Academy students.

Element Academy is a spare run by me. Element Academy will jag you whenever we do Element Academy, and has a portal leading to my den.

7. We do Element Academy every Wednesday, Saturday, and Friday. We might also do it on random days. Come 5 or more times each month.


There are different classes run by different teachers.

Name of Course What it is Teacher that runs it
Regular class Lore, phantoms, etc Lilac
Herbology Learning about plant Holly
Training Using your element All
Potions Learning about potion Phoenix
P.E. Getting fit Crystal


In Element Academy, there are 12 years. Each year is a month. Every month, we will do a challenge to test you. Also at the end of each month, I will send you a grade. If you get a good grade, I’ll attach a gift to it. You may not advance a year if you come to Element Academy less than 5 days a month. If you are unable to come to Element Academy for a valid reason, such as a vacation, then tell me.

Once you are at your 6th year, you will get a second element. We will still choose your second element. These elements can come together to create sub-elements. On your 9th year, if you are a very good student, you will have the chance to become the head of your element.

At the end of your 12th year, you have a few options. You can stay in Element Academy for extra years, become staff at Element Academy, join The Chosen (More detail on that in your 12th year), Make your own magic school, or stop doing the roleplay all together.


If you decide to quit, tell one of the headmasters. Also be sure to tell us why you quit so we can improve later.


To join, write a comment on this Wiki page saying your name and personality. If you can’t comment, then type it on Lunarlilac0’s jammer wall.

News and Bulletin


Members of Element Academy


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