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Do not make an unholy step, or the sand will swallow you whole..


You paws move slowly along the sun blazed sands. They began to sting even more when every step you took. Your breath was heavy and tired and you fought for every breath. A few days ago you'd been in a glorious clan that could crush a clan with such ease, that even the hawks and bears would bow to you. But sadly things had went south quick. All you remember is clawing a blueish-grey she-cat before she pulled you down into the river. You sigh and shake your head, trying to escape the thoughts and keep walking.

The night is upon you and your ears are completely flatted against your head. You stop to take a breath and look around. Something wasn't right.. Before you could even turn around, massive claws dig into you shoulders and flank and pin you into the ground. You look up and blazing eyes meet yours.

"Who are you, and why are you in my territory?" Hissed a powerful sounding voice. You were about to snarl and try to tear this cat to shreds but when you look into her merciless eyes, you see they show her dangerousness.

"I-I'm __."

"Hmm." She said with a calming voice. "Good, you can listen to commends." She looks you up in down. "I see that you've fought in many battles to.." Her claws sheath and her long tail flicks, summoning more cats to her side.

"Join us, and be tested. Or i'll mangle you myself."

You nod quickly and she gives you a small smile and you follow her back to there camp. This was now your clan.

Basic Information

Founded- 8/24/16
Founded By- Hatshepsut
Recruiting- Yes
Allowing Alliances- Yes
Theme Songs-
Species- Felines And Canines
Camp Location-
Realm- Slightly dark
Tag Color- Gold
Pharaoh And Empress's Tag- Star
Healers- Clover Or Flower


As Of- 8/24/16

Season: Time of golden leaves

Server- Alps


Blessed High Point (Coral Canyons) Where The Two Join (Kimbara Outback)

Prosperity's Home (Lost Temple Of Zios)

Blessed High Point- The beautiful rock are always warm from the sun and fresh cold water flows. It is also the home of The Place Where Our Ancestors Speak. It is also a good place to mine.

Where The Two Join- A sandy place where to streams join together into one river. This is where new members are tested.

Prosperity's Home- A plentiful jungle filled with prey and our main hunting ground

The Place Where Our Ancestors Speak- A beautiful cave filled with blue stones and treasures. There is a pool filled with the most pure water the shimmers and glows. New high ranks got here to speak with their elders to be accepted by them and told knowledge they should know.

The Kingdom- Built in the middle of a large circle of rock and sand. The castle is on the side on a large flat hill with a stream coming from the base.


Pharaoh and Empress's word is law.

These are people who have risen through the ranks and earned there respect. If anything relates to defying your leader, you will be giving a punishment that fits your level of defiance.

No Powerplaying

Powerplaying is NOT allowed. That means, NN NM Dodges and others are powerplaying and there will be punishment.


We will have times for fun but this is meant to be serious.


High Ranks



The Pharaoh is the male version of the Empress. They are an equal to them and are no higher then the Empress for their gender. They are to be respected and honored, no matter what they do. They lead and preform ceremonies. They preform the Coming of age ceremony for both genders but if their is no Empress they preform the Celebration of Life Ceremony. Most of the time their Empress will be their mate but it could also be their sister, cousin or even close friend if they wish



The Empress is the female version of the Pharaoh. They are an equal to them and are no higher then the Pharaoh for their gender. They are to be respected and Honored, no matter what they do. They lead and preform ceremonies. They preform the Celebration of Life Ceremony but if their is no Pharaoh they preform the Coming Of Age Ceremony. Most of the time their Empress will be their mate but it could be their brother, cousin or even close friend if they wish.

Heir And Heiress


These are usually the offspring of the Pharaoh and Empress but they can be anyone the Highest ranks chose. When their parents or leaders die they will be tested by the elders and Advisors. Which ever one wins will take on the leading ranks and the loser most go lower unless the new leader says otherwise.



These can be elders or the Heir/Heiress that lost their test. If new Heirs and Heiress are need because either the Pharaoh and Empress do not wish to have offspring or theirs died, Advisors can be tested to become the next one. They are wise and help the Leaders out with knowledge they have.



These are older members that can no longer do their jobs. They are to be respected and taken care of.

Healer And Brewer


The healer is best with herbs and the Brewer is best with potions. The Healer tends gardens and collects them for medicine and reports to the Advisors about the state of nature. They also announce the beginning and end of seasons. The Brewer uses the herbs for potions and liquid medicines. They report to advisors about the state of the water.

The Leads


These members were warriors that earned their rank. They tell who to hunt and who to guard territory walls.

Lower Ranks


These hunt, patrol, and make up most of the clan. They are respected by lower ranks and respect the higher.

Life Bringer

These are pregnant females and are meant to be very cared for. When their children are old enough to go into teaching they will go back to their normal lives.


A memberl is a normal member that farms, sells things, mines, and carries out everyday tasks.


A Taught is a young member being trained to either follow a healer/brewer's path or warrior's. They most respect older Taugh's and high ranks.


The offspring of any member



Name Username Description Personality Age Theme song


Name Username Description Personality Age Theme Song
Hatshepsut/Cleopatra Falconflightx A pure white she-cat with a tall, strong, well-muscled built. She has grey speckles and stripes and leaf green eyes. Is a Serval and Egyptian mau mix


Name Username Description Personality Age Theme Song

Dress Code


Felines: Normal wolf

Canines: Arctic wolf

Taught or teen-aged children: Fox or bunny

Child: Bunny


Most clothing items that are natural and elegant are allowed but they must be approved.


Only natural animal colors

Joining Form

Oc Name:


Roleplay example:

Why you wish to join:

Preferred Rank:



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