"Establishing law and order since just now" Edit

WARNING: This might be to fun and goofy for you, basically to awesome.

Our headquarters will be in the ALDAN server,ALWAYS, either in the Pillow Room, Jam Mart Furniture, Bat Cave (Flag Shop), or bee31's den. Every day, we will be in a different place doing shifts, and have a different base. We encourage (read; threaten) bunnies, which are all to small to hit the gas pedal on the police car without stacking. We encourage police hats, something on your back, and weird eyes.

Bases: Bee31 Pillow Room Bat Cave Jam Mart Furniture
Shifts: Temple of Zios Canyons Jamaa Township Sarepia
Lazy Time:Dunkin Donuts Mcdonalds KFC Police Car

(Note; this will take place in ALDAN SERVER, ALWAYS)

Current Police Mens

Sherf-Olimpicgold (aka, me)

Deputy Bon Squee Squee- Corpheus

Unpaid Intern- Bees 31

We will have a certain number of parts open at a time

The Police

Random Body (2 slots open) - ?

Hobo who calls police with a can (1 slot open) - ?

Random Shoplifter (1 slot open) -?

A Car (1 slot open)-?

More Unpaid Intern Officers (5 slots open)-?

Please list your name, position, username, and a bit of humor so I can choose people and edit them into this page.