Fairy Tail

Guild founded by Mavis Vermillion

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Dragon Slaye

Magic is the main form of combat for mages. There are two kinds of magic, Caster and Holder magic. Magic power is the energy that allows mages to cast magic.

Unique people who utilize a form of Lost Magic, Dragon Slayer Magic. They have the ability to consume the element in which they wield, and have keener senses that include smell, hearing, and sight. They also have more distinctive characteristics like sharper teeth or slitted pupils. All the Dragon Slayers suffer from motion sickness... There are four Generations of Dragon Slayers, each with different talents.

Devil Slayer

The Knight

Also known as Exorcist Mages, Devil Slayers are immune to the element they use, and like Godslayers or Dragonslayers, will sometimes eat it to replenish too. Some can manipulate their appearance, like making black marks across their body or changing the colors of their irises. Sometimes they are stated to go insane or beserk.

This magic allows the user to store weapons in pocket dimensions and summon them in battle. They gain a high level of offense, defense, and flexibility, regarding the type of armor they equip. They also have resistance against elements regarding their type of armor


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(NOTE: Guild will be hosted at Olimpicgold's den after I finish decorating)


  • Realistic pelts
  • No powerplaying
  • Can't be a character from the manga/show
  • Romance allowed, nothing but kissing
  • Don't stir up drama in the guild (ex:War with other guild, raid, etc) Only I can do that XD
  • If you want to be anything not listed, such as a Godslayer, Spirit Slayer, or Pheonix Slayer, please leave that in the comments so I can approve
  • If you don't have a wiki account, i'll jam-a-gram you


If you decide to leave, please list the following

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(It is encouraged;read, threatened, that you don't share any guild secrets after you leave.)