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(Legally Partnered with Jammer7g1v7, or, Sadistic Ticker) (7)
Real Name Annabelle Lee
AJ Username OlimpicGold
Occupation Cataclyms Corps
Gender Female
Age when died 15
Siblings in  Past Life one lost brother
Allegiance Zalgo
Status Dead/Immortal

I N F O/ O T H E R S T U F F

March 9th, 2014

"I HATE YOU!" Annabelle screamed at her foster mother. As an infant, Annabelle had been left at the doorstep of Jane Winston's Orphanage, and adopted for labor by Teresa Glendale, a pudgy, hideous, abusive woman that thought she was the most beautiful person in the world. Teresa sat up from the couch and glowered at her, "What. Did. You. Say? I have made you into a beautiful girl that will follow my beautiful footsteps. I GAVE YOU THE GIFT OF MUSIC!" That was halfheartedly true. Annabelle knew how to play the violin, but had no care for it. "I'd rather be with those crackhead orphans than going around doing your crap.", Annabelle growled. One of Teresa's many varicose veins on her face seemed to pop. "Well then, I need to treat this case with some DISCIPLINE!", she struck Annabelle in the face, right on her mouth, sending her crumpling to the ground. Blood trickled from her face, onto the carpet. Tears welled in her eyes. "Now," Teresa said smiling coldly, "You should go practice your music,". Annabelle slumped reluctantly as she stood up, then limped to her room. The door slammed. Something that day changed, Annabelle snapped. Her eyes grew wide, and her pupils grew small. She took her violin out of her case, and smashed it against the wall, cackling as shards flew everywhere. "ITS TIME! ITS TIME! ITS TIME!", she repeated crazily. "Time...Interesting word...meh,", she smirked, her bruise seemed to bleed more, and she licked it with gusto. She took a Swiss army knife out from her cupboard. She was only supposed to use it for flaying meat for Teresa, well, never mind that. She carved a something in her own arm. A music note with a slash through it. From then on, she was False Note. "Lets do this."


Teresa lazily sat on the couch, smoking a cigar. "Where's that useless (CENSORED) girl now?", she muttered. "GIT OUT HERE YOU LITTLE SCUMBAG OF A GIRL!", she roared. Annabelle walked out, smirking, holding her hands behind her back. "Learn'd yer' lesson yet'?", Teresa snarled. Annabelle smiled dearly, "NOPE!". Teresa growled and stepped forward, her hand in striking position. "Do I HAVE to explain this to you again!?!", she roared. She raised her hand to strike, but was intercepted with a knife. Blood trickled down her palm. Teresa's eyes turned wide with shock and fear. "Mother, I believe you are a bad, bad note in my perfect song, ", Annabelle snickered. "Girl, do we need to put you in a asylum!", she snarled. "Oh no, no, but I need to put YOU on ice.", Annabelle smiled. Teresa's eyes went wide with realization, "N-now girly, d-don't do anything s-stupid..", she backed away. Annabelle inched up to her, swung her knife, and Teresa fell to the ground. A gash lined her face. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?", Teresa cried in fear. "I want to make YOU a literal crackhead," Annabelle smiled. One last time, she brought down the knife onto her foster mother's head, and Teresa Glendale became a literal crackhead.
For the next two days, Annabelle sat next to her foster mom's dead body, cackling hysterically. Her mind was being flayed, like meat. Each layer of her sanity being peeled away, exposing the raw patch of insanity, which used to be hidden within her mind. She didn't eat, sleep, or drink. She fell asleep next to the body, and woke up to the sound of sirens. She cackled hysterically. "Whats wrong officers?", she slurred. "GET BACK!", one roared. She threw her knife at him. It smashed into his chest, killing him instantly. She cackled, and stepped forward. A police officer shot, embedding a bullet in her stomach. She looked down in surprise, not pain. "You'll remember me, I'll haunt your children, your nightmares, i'll be BACK.", she cackled. Another officer shot. Then another. Then another. She was dotted with bullet wounds. She inhaled sharply, her eyes became unfocused. She fell to the ground, laughing as she did. The worst thing about her death? She would've turned 16 the next day. 
Her violin

Annabelle woke up with her arms crossed on her chest, gasping, then laughing again. "Annabelle Lee.. I've been watching you.", a creature said from the dark. "I want you to join us,", it whispered. She grinned drunkenly, "Sure, I wanna join you too,". She completed the ritual. She snickered some more. Her eyes changed into a blood red color, and a black violin and a bow that bore not bow hair, but a blade appeared slung on her back. "Lets do this."


"Every false note jeopardizes the perfect song, so we need to eliminate the false notes..."


Telekinesis and Teleportation