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Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual (leaning to males)
Status Dead-ish
Residence The Fallen Knights
Rank Squire
Voice Jason Marsden
Age 16
Birthday May 5th

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Freddy is a fairly protective individual. He is jumpy and an excellent thief. He is quick to lie for the better good and it relatively kind. Although he has the power in his hands he isn't first to jump to attack. He isn't easily angered but once he is angry all hell will break loose and usually end with broken walls. He is kind-hearted but does what he has to do to survive. He is loyal despise what most people think about him. He is rather anxious. His religious beliefs are negative due to his experiences and has resentment towards churches and cults. He has no education in any way but excels at hand combat.


Freddy is a strong abled young man. He is from Hispanic roots and has fair tan skin. He is also given dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a sharp jaw and a tall appearance. He has detachable limbs that are kept together with sharp blue string that the god Ares had given him. He is bound to live in his body as a punishment from the god of war. He wears dark jeans and a blue very torn sweater. He currently wears this added with a leather jacket which was lent to him by Seidii. Here are some pictures that may help paint a
picture of him.
Freddy being a naughty boi

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Likes & Dislikes


Being able to feel things


His sister











Blue eyes




Unfair fights



Sewing machines



Huge buildings







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Relation to Freddy
Trust Percentage
Other comments
Seidii Male Member of the Fallen Knights Squire 100% "I love my boyfriend."
Nightmare Male Member of the Fallen Knights Vanguard 67% "Seems intense"
River Male Member of the Fallen Knights Vanguard 67% "He's a werewolf"
Ares  Male God of war God 0% "Fuck him, especially his son (  ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)"
Camila Female Sister Citizen 100% "I wish we could have parted in a better way."
Asis Female Queen of Rebellion Leader 97% "She intimidating and the mother of Seidii."
Abdiel Male Seidii's friend Citizen 50% "I don't know what you want me to say.."

  • Camila
  • Seidii
  • Nightmare
  • Ares
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Freddy was born into the streets of a large Mexican city. He had no parents or guardians, only his little sister Camila to protect and care for. He quickly resorted to stealing and fighting. He was chosen by a wealthy man who paid him to fight in illegal fights between underaged children. This was entertainment for the wealthy and it proved useful to support Camila and himself. Although this did help him in some aspects it also caused trouble. Grown men would jump him and break his leg or arm before fights as money would be resting on his failure. He was 10 at the time but continued to fight for the wicked society for three more years. He had been given a reputation and no one dared to argue with him. He treated Camila like a princess and gave her the shiniest stone from his winnings. His entire life was dedicated to her. She gave him the nickname, Puppy, as he acted like her constant guard dog.

As he grew older he found that he was attracted to the male physique. He explored this sheepishly but fell in love with one boy. The boy was also a fighter and they soon fell for each other. Although they had to hide their affection they went against the rules to be together. Around this time, Freddy was of the age of 16. To his dismay, it had turned out that the boy he had fallen for was a demigod of the god of wars descent. Ares did not find their relationship acceptable and would not allow them to be together. Freddy's response to this was to very aggressively make out with his partner while flipping off Ares in the rudest way possible. 

This did not work out in his favour and ended up with the death of his partner and the torture of his own death. Although he managed to escape he suffered. He travelled along a highway before a police officer pulled over and got him to the hospital. He was not able to afford the cost of healing his wounds and died. His body was thrown out onto the streets where Ares stole his body and returned his spirit to it. Torturing for a week before cursing him to live in such conditions until he saw it fit to torture him to death again. 

He was sewn up with blue string. He has to follow Ares rules and if he does not he will be punished for it. He can not feel pain unless authorized by Ares. He cannot be killed although people argue. He is a soul trapped in his dead body by the god of war. He has the ability to control millions of needles that are inside him to his bidding. He has an unlimited amount of blue string that can only be broken with extreme strength. Ares uses him as a puppet sometimes and he disappears at random times to fight demigods for Ares. His current mood is fuck off.

  • Crazy Freddy
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  • His body type
  • Young Freddy
  • The boy he fell for.
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