"Witch Girl! Witch Girl!" Edit

Jeered Jadis Brown's classmates at Sundance Boarding School for Wayward Youths. Jadis is 15 years old, and is strange. Not like, dancing around class gurgling weird, but as in paranormal.A week ago, Jadis was standing next to a trash can, and it exploded on everyone in a fifteen foot radius. The teachers believed Jadis rigged it, but she didn't. Two months ago, the boarding school was playing dodge ball. Jadis curled in a fetal position and instead of the ball hitting her, it came right back and hit a kid in the face, giving him a black eye. Kids and teachers believe Jadis is a troublemaker, but she truly isn't. Jadis's thoughts drifted off from the jeering, until a girl walked up to her. Patty Hunthausen. Patty had curly blonde hair, fake Botox lips, and enough makeup for a dozen Barbie dolls. She gave Jadis a fake smile. "Oh hon, having trouble making friends? I get that, I mean, being a freak like you would be hard!", she gave a pouty face. Jadis clenched her fist in anger, and said with a steely tone, "Of course Patty, being SO popular, that NO one goes near you is MUCH better,". Patty snarled and strut over to the garbage can, and grabbed a week old burrito out of it. She strut over, attempting to pour it over poor Jadis's head. That's when Jadis blew her top. She didn't remember slapping the burrito, but, it was soon planted in Patty's face. Patty screamed, the burrito covered her eyes. She attempted to run off, but ended up running into a pole. Jadis was satisfied until a teacher came up to her, frowning.

"THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!", Mr. Reesen roared in Jadis's face. Mr. Reesen was a middle aged man quickly balding. His face was red from screaming. "YOU ARE SUSPENDED! NO, BANNED!", he roared. Jadis's hopes quickly crashed. She had no where to go. Her parents, they sent her there for destroying half of their house. They surely wouldn't want her. Jadis realized, she had gone to far. Where would she go? Jadis sat at the bus stop, tears rolling down her face.She had done it. Gone to far. She had no where to go either. She was about to stand up, just as a black cat crossed the road. The black cat stopped in front of her, and then talked in a female human voice, "Stop whining and get up!". Jadis was so surprised she fell off the bus bench.