Jane Null


Gender Female
Age 15
Grade Freshman
School Seaside University
Sexuality Straight


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Jane is a teen girl of an average, semi-tall height of 5'5 and a slender figure. Her skin is somewhat tanned from spending time at the beach, as well as being dotted with freckles. She has deep blue eyes and nearly always has the same half smile on her face. Jane also has long, wavy light brown hair normally tied up in a messy bun. She prefers to wear teal or an off-the-shoulder shirt.


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Jane, just like her school, isn't what she seems. She seems sarcastic, witty, mysterious, and someone who doesn't care what anyone really thinks. She can be called the "weirdo", as she prefers her books and music over actual people, though when she does end up talking to people, she is very sarcastic and normally repels others rather than making friends. On the inside, she's actually really kind and sensitive, though she never, ever shows it. Hardly anyone knows anything about her, and she likes to keep it that way.


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2nd Grade -

A smaller Jane, with frizzy, short brown hair, a bright pink dress, and a backpack of the same color, skipped down the sidewalk to her house a few blocks away from the school. On Tuesdays, her father worked late so she had to walk home, where her mother would be waiting. Except more than just her mother would be waiting to greet her today.

An ambulance and multiple police cars were parked outside Jane's fairly large house, surrounded by bright yellow caution tape. Along with that, her grandparents' car was on the other side of the road. They didn't visit often, except Birthdays or Christmas. Jane knew something was definitely wrong.

"Dad? Mom?" She called, darting around the police officers surrounding the house before they could stop her. She almost got underneath the caution tape before someone placed a firm hand on her shoulder, stopping her. A tall man with the same brown hair and deep blue eyes at her. Jane didn't see a smile on his face, as there normally was. Instead, his eyes were red from what looked like tears that he had dried away upon seeing the girl. "Dad, where's Mom? And why are all these people here?"

Jane's father didn't answer, but lead her away to where her Grandparents were standing. Something was wrong with her Grandparents, too. Her Grandmother, normally one of the most cheerful people Jane knew, was leaning against her Grandfather, and it looked like she was.. crying. But she couldn't be because grown-ups didn't cry, right?

"You're staying with Grandma and Grandpa for the next few days," Jane's father said softly. "Why? What happened?" Nobody answered. Instead, she found herself in her Grandparent's car, speeding away from her house.

The silence bothered Jane more than if everyone were to be screaming at her. She finally broke the silence. "Who were those people? Why were they at my house? Why was Dad off work early? And where was Mom?" Jane asked questions at what might be 100 miles an hour. Her Grandmother turned slightly to look at her, eyes wet with tears. "Your mother.." she began in a tone that was softer than normal, "Something awful happened today, Jane. Your father is going to be mad I told you, but you deserve to know." Her voice broke as she spoke. "What, Grandma? Please tell me."

Jane looked at her with wide eyes. <p style="text-align:center;"> "She's dead." Jane couldn't speak, couldn't think at this statement. The word dead echoed in her mind. A cold, terrible word that was just as lifeless as its meaning. She felt tears well up in her eyes, blurring her vision. "Is this a joke?" Jane asked softly, staring hopefully at her Grandmother, even though she knew the answer would be no. Her Grandmother just slowly shook her head. "She didn't just die," another, deeper, voice that seemed to be filled with anger and sadness, her Grandfather's, put in. "She was killed."


Jane didn't cry at the funeral. There was no point, crying wouldn't bring her mother back to life. Plus, she had cried enough in the past few days. People stared at her with pity. "I'm so sorry. Nobody this young should ever experience this." Some of them said. Jane didn't respond. She didn't speak at all. Just stayed, clinging to her father, and refusing to look anyone in the eye. As far as she was concerned, everyone here, all part of the human race, were responsible for the death of her mother, the kindest, most gentle woman Jane had ever met. -


Seaside University -

"Look, it's Null!" Someone shouted through the halls. "What do you mean? I don't see anything!" Another person said. A few people in the hall laughed. Jane sighed. This joke had been going on since 7th grade. Why wouldn't everyone just shut up and forget about it already? Someone suddenly forcefully ran into her just as she was walking past the janitors closet. "Huh, I could've sworn I just ran into something!" Marci, the girl who started this whole joke, the bane of Jane's existence, said innocently.

Jane tripped backwards over a bucket as the door slammed and she was enveloped in darkness. She knew all too well the door stuck in this closet. "Let me out! This isn't funny!" Jane screamed hopelessly, pounding on the door. All she heard was laughing from the hallway. "Fudge you all!" She shouted, too used to not swearing around the kids she frequently babysat. She reached up to turn the light on, but it flickered and went out again. It was nearly 3 hours until someone finally let her out, and she got detention for being in the janitor's closet again. Finally, Jane could go home.

When Jane walked through the front door, she noticed a letter laying on the table. She tore it open, reading through an acceptance letter that came from her dream school, Seaside University. Finally, she'd be getting out of this garbage town.



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