Kasai Tanaka

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Full Name Kasai Shisen Tanaka
Age 18
Gender Female
Birthday February 14
Kagune A light blue Kokaku
Mask Kasai's mask is a white cat with light blue surrounding the eye area
Likes Solitude, books, coffee, comfy clothes,  masks, art, doodling, music
Dislikes Bullies, boredom,  large amounts of people, CCG, poofy dramatic dresses, being called Kai, but it still happens.
What She is Kasai is a one-eyed ghoul, 
Mental Description and Physical Description Kasai is usually calm and kind, but as a ghoul, she is a tiny bit sadistic, and goes a little bit insane.

Kasai wears a white chiffon tank top, and jeans. Her jet black hair is messy, and she has light blue eyes. When in ghoul form, her left eye changes, and her pupil in the other eye becomes small, indicating insanity


Kasai was just was just walking down the street when she heard a scream. She ran to help, and found a ghoul eating a person. Kasai ran towards the ghoul in an attempt to  save the person, but got slammed into a wall by the ghoul's kakaku. The ghoul was reckless, and slammed her into a wall so hard, a large chunk of the wall came down and hit the ghoul in the head, cracking it open, killing him instantly. Kasai suffered many jumbled organs, all broken bones, and a large concussion. Kasai was rushed to the hospital, where (like Ken Kaneki) the ghoul's organs were implanted into her in a effort to save her. It worked, but with many side effects, such as not being to eat human food, and random breakdowns. Kasai eventually accepted only being able to eat flesh, water, and coffee. Now that she is a ghoul, she doesn't spend much time with other ghouls or humans. Kasai tries not to eat alive humans, and usually scrounges for dead ones.


Kasai was raised only by her mother in Tokyo, with two younger brothers. Her mother died when she was 12, making her become the responsible one in the family. She worked as a janitor to earn money for her family while she was attending school. Once, she saw her younger brother getting bullied, and went up and punched the bully in the face as hard as she could. She got suspended for a week. As Kasai grew older, she grew more stressed, and becoming a ghoul let her release her stress and anxiety in large amounts. After becoming a ghoul, she only spent time with her brothers and her best friend. Her mother gave her a pair of headphones, which she always wears

  • Kasai's kagune shape
  • Her eye color
  • Her shirt
  • Her non ghoul eye shape when shes a ghoul
  • Her ghoul eye
  • Her headphones
  • Her mask