"There is no greater illusion than fear," Edit


Information Edit

Full name Louis Insanis Anguis
Gender Male
Current Year Fifth Year
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Patronus Cougar
Played by Olimpicgold

Appearance Edit

Louis has messy brown hair, greenish grey eyes, and pale skin. He is normal height and weight, but appears lanky. He usually wears a dark greenish black scarf, and always carries an old dusted book.

Personality Edit

Louis is shy and humble, but if he opens up to you he is quirky, sarcastic, and knows how to throw a burn at someone who is annoying him or being mean. Just like a cougar, he is quiet, but energetic when you meet him. He is sensitive when talking about his family.

Backstory Edit

Louis grew up in Holyhead,home of the Holyhead Harpies, where he lived with his mother and father. His father, Eric Anguis was an illusionist, which Louis took after. His mother, Anne Anguis, was a muggle. A troupe of Death Eaters attacked Holyhead, and there took Anne Anguis's life. His father drove into a mad state, using illusions, trying to make an illusion of his love Anne, hoping she would come back one day. As time passed since her death, Louis's father got worse, cackling, screaming, and crying at night and early morning. The people of Holyhead declared him insane, and sent him to an asylum for the deranged and mentally ill. With nowhere to go, Louis was sent to an orphanage, where he was tormented mercilessly. When Louis received his letter to Hogwarts, he immediately went. As he got a wizarding education, Louis looked deeper into illusions, and now is almost obsessed with them.


Louis's patronus


Louis's illusions

More about Louis Edit

Louis goes to his Aunt's during the summer, and his energy his connected to his illusions.

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