Mavis Vermillion

         (Portrayed by Olimpicgold)


Mavis Vermillion


Mavis Vermillion is the First Master of the Fairy Tail Guild. She wears a frilly dress, and has a red bow tied around her neck.She has wavy pastel yellow hair that falls down to her shoulders. She is always barefoot. In consequence of using an incomplete grand magic to save a friend when she was thirteen, she was unable to grow physically or chronologically. By the time her body was encased in lacrima, she was biologically twenty-four, but still thirteen at appearance. She wears wing like adornments around her ears and prefers to be barefoot. Mavis is usually happy, but a little reckless and carefree too. She is childish, and has an amazing talent for caculating strategies, though...she can occasionally be wrong, and when she is, she doesn't take it well. She bears the Ankhseram Black Magic Curse, that takes life in return for how much she cares about it. Due to this, she once lost her kindhearted demeanor temporarily. She cannot be seen by anyone that doesn't bear the Fairy Tail guild mark. She has a rocky history with a certain man named Zeref Dragneel...Edit


"To lead my comrades to victory...That is my battle."Edit

"Mistakes are not shackles that halt one from stepping forward. Rather, they are that which sustain and grow one's heart."Edit


Mavis uses Illusion Magic, so she can summon things from wolves to armies. She also uses Fairy Glitter,one of the Three Greatest Magics of Fairy Tail, Fairy Law, the first of the Three Great Magics, Law, Black Arts, and has the Etheral Powers to fly and walk on the top of water.