Mira's Hunt Edit

Mira's Hunt is a group of females that stay alone. They are like Artemis's hunt from Greek Mythology. They must never love, or Mira's wrath will fall upon them. They keep Jamaa in order from phantoms. They are said to be some of the most beautiful women in jamaa, and a sight of them is legend.

Ranking Edit

Lead Huntress:

The lead huntress is the one with most respect. She is the one you seek for guidance and leads raids and other events. She is a person not to be messed with, and could most likely destroy you. When a female becomes the lead huntress, she is given extra strength by Mira, as well as the gift of archery, the sight of outcomes, and other powers that only the huntress knows about. She is given a scar on her neck to show her power.

Second in Command:

The second in command is the leader's chosen huntress. If the lead huntress dies, she will become the leader. She is given the sight, but nothing more. She is usually gifted a special bow. This huntress, or fighter, will always have a say in events and battle talks.


The healer is a quite obvious rank. She uses natural remedies to heal the wounded. She is treated with high respect. She has the most wisdom of the past, present, and future. She is usually sought out for advice. She is also the most protected due to her weakness in fighting. She always has a say in battle talks, and is the one to decide if a war must happen or must be avoided.


Huntresses are the most common rank. They are the protectors and gather food for their people.

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