"I swear on my honor that I will follow Mira's teachings and use my power for the greater good. I swear to fight the phantoms and all evil in this land. I swear to be true, I swear to be Light, I swear to be a Knight."
-The Knight's Oath.

Hello everybody!! This is currently inactive due to lack of interest, but I figured I would write down the basics where other people can see them since Animal Jam walls are limited.

Mira is the goddess and protector of Jamaa, and so these knights will spread her light to the far reaches of the kingdom.

Currently we do adventures, train, spread word around Jamaa, stage mock fights, and fight phantoms (but i'm open to suggestions of other activities). Our base is a decorated Crystal Palace den.

My username is Linea.

Intro: Edit

You fall to the ground, twisting around to see the phantom loom over you. It raises a sparking black arm, its single eye narrows in malice-

An arrow pierces through its shadowed heart. It jerks back, dissolving into a puddle of murky goo. Panting, you look at the Huntress smiling down at you, bow tossed casually on her back.

Welcome to the Knights of the Holy Order.

Classes of Knights Edit

Every class follows a certain aspect of Mira. These aspects give you your title, you choose a first name and your title will be given to you upon knighthood.

For example, a huntress is Star, and someone chose their first name as Rose. So, their name is Star Rose.

Each class also has certain fighting styles and appearances.

I will be using a deer as the model, as she is the Knight I usually use. But any class can have any animal in it.

Ranger/Huntress Edit

Mira's Rangers follow Mira's stars, which guide them even in the darkest of times. They have the title of Star, and mainly use bows and arrows. They can perform some rudimentary healing and are very good trackers. They usually hunt food for the Order in times of peace.

Knight Edit

Mira's Knights follow Mira's laws, or Order. They have the title of Sir, and mainly use heavy armor or swords. They are extremely honor bound and courageous. They have no magic, but can be given enchanted items. They are fighting oriented. They guard the Order in times of peace.

Mage Edit

Mira's Mages follow Mira's Essence, or spirit. They connect with Mira on a spiritual level, boosting their magical abilities. They have the title of Spirit, and mainly use magic. Spell books or cloaks of some sort are usually on their person. They have great magical power, but usually stick to one class of magic. They can do small healing, expand on knowledge and can fight as well. They usually try and gather intel in times of peace.

Elementalist Necromancy Sigilist Booster Other
Uses the six elements. Raising dead and controlling phantoms- Forbidden Uses written spells Gives Knights buffs such as increased speed, agility, or damage. Give me any suggestions and I will think them over.

Healer Edit

Healer's follow Mira's light, channeling it to heal those in need. They have the title of Light, and act more like druids. They have some attack power in the form of plants, but usually they just heal those injured on the battlefield. If someone gets tainted with evil or gets phantom sickness, they are the ones to help. They usually wear some sort of plant and bag. They gather medicine and keep sickness at bay in times of peace.

Priestess Edit

Priestess's follow Mira's voice, or song. They have the title of Song, and use this in many different ways. They lead the order and are sort of a general class. They are sort of like paladins, wielding spells in one paw and a blade in the other. They can heal, fight, and use magic. They guide the others in the path of Mira, and lead them in battles.

To become a priestess you must be loyal and graduate from an existing class. As the leader I am the Head Priestess, and currently the only one.

Enchanter Edit

Enchanters follow Mira's breath. They have the title of wind, and are the blacksmiths of the Order. They create the weapons and enchant them, create strange contraptions for battle, and also cook the food of the order. They create potions and various other boosting items, working together closely with Booster Mages. They usually man the strange contraptions (catapults, mechanical phantoms, that sort of thing) so they do fight but not in a traditional style.

The Timeline of Becoming a Knight Edit

When you first join up you are new blood. You choose your first name and we train the basic skills. After a 'year' of this, you move on to class training. After doing this for 'two years', you become a squire and if there are enough knight's available, you train beneath them. If not the general classes will just become more specific.

Once finished with your training, you have to go through the trials. This will test your merit and connect you to Mira.

The first trial is Skill. This varies depending on your class. Rangers and Mages have to shoot on target, Knights have to battle a graduated Knight, Enchanters must make a satisfactory piece of equipment, and healers must care for an injured animal.

The second trial is Courage. For this we must encounter phantoms, so we go on an adventure. The adventure I choose depends on who will come: nm or all members, how much time do we have, how many other people do we have, and of course the levels of the animals you are using. (I might also be influenced by how many gems i currently have :P )

The third trial is Spirit. This is especially important for Mages and other magic types. We listen for Mira, look for her aspect and feel it sink within us. We feel her song, her breath, her stars, her spirit, her light, and her laws. We feel her, and once you accomplish this you are knighted. Congratulations!

If you fail any of these tests, you are taken back for more training.

Dress Code Edit

Everyone wears light oriented stuff, as well as a silver or light blue name tag.

The pictures are my outfits for each, but are just to give you a general idea for them (Some of my items are hard to come by).

**Various is not a certain item, it states that almost all in that category are acceptable. For example, Various Gauntlets allows any of the many diamond shop gauntlets, or any other gauntlets you may have. Various does not except the forbidden items**

If you would like to suggest additional clothing, either comment below or show me on AJ and I will say yes or no.

Note that dark items such as Phantom Armor are forbidden. I will allow Scorpion in certain cases but in general stay away from that as well. No fangs (Unless you have phantom sickness).

Spikes are only allowed on Knights.

Ranger/Huntress Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.04.04 AM

Symbol: Owl

My Example: Fox hat, Firefly Necklace, Longbow, Mystic Gauntlets, Feather Tail.

Head: Fox Hat, Raccoon Hat, Various Horns, Various Antlers, Feathered Mask or Bird Hat, Mech Angel Helmet, Feather Earrings, Hood with Feather, Head Feather.

Neck: Firefly Necklace, Leaf Necklace, Moon Amulet, Various Scarves, Leaf Necklace, Lei

Body: Longbow, Bow and Arrows, Slingshot, Crossbow, Mysterious Cloak, Some wings (you'll have to check in with me for these)

Feet: Mystical Gauntlets, Various Sandals, Woven Shoes, Pumpkin Shoes, Friendship bands and leaf armor, Winged Shoes, Spiked/Studded Wrist.

Tail: Feather Tail, Princess Ribbon, Raccoon Tail, Bone Tail SOMETIMES.

Colors: White and Green are a good base. I will tell you if your coloring isn't satisfactory, but I'm not really picky for coloring.

Suggested Animal: Deer

Knight Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.07.00 AM

Symbol: Zios Mask (Shield)

My Example: Elf Helmet, Spartan Armor, Long Spike, Spirit Glove, Elf Tail.

Head: Various Helmets, Viking Hat, Various Horns. (No fox hats please)

Neck: Spikes, Various Amulets, Various Beards.

Body: Various Armors, Various Swords, Capes (If you don't have Armor or Swords). (No bows please)

Feet: Various Gauntlets, Various Gloves, Various Armors, Spikes, Some Claws.

Tail: Various Armors, Rocker Tail Rings. (No Feathers or Ribbons)

Colors: I used White and Dark blue, but really whatever matches with your outfit the best.

Suggested Animal: Wolf

Mage Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.16.41 AM

Symbol: Wing

My Example: Witch hat, Firefly Necklace, Book of Spells, Sparkly Shoes, No Tail.

Head: Witch Hat, non-rare flower crowns, Various Horns, Rose Tiara, Butterfly Hair Bow, Halo, Spirit Helmet, Various Hoods, Feather Mask.

Neck: Spirit Amulet, Moon Amulet, Sparkly Boa, Beaded Necklace, Opal Necklace, Firefly Necklace.

Body: Mysterious Cloak, Spell Book, Princess Dress/Gown, Various Wings, Ice Armor, Jamaaliday Bow.

(Various Instruments if you are a Booster, Various Bags+backpacks if you are sigilist {but not Doctor's Bag}, Phoenix Gauntlets if you are an Elementalist, Wind Armor is also acceptable for Elementalist)

Feet: Sparkly Shoes, Various Anklets, Various Gloves, Mystic Gauntlets, Various Rings, Charm Bracelet, Arm Cuffs.

Tail: Heart Tail Armor, Clover Tail Armor, Feather Tail, Princess Ribbon.

Colors: I chose White and Orange, but whatever goes with your outfit is fine.

Suggested Animal: Arctic Fox

Healer Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.14.38 AM

Symbol: Leaf or Clover

My Example: Flower Crown, Firefly Necklace, Backpack, Mystic Gauntlets, Feather Tail.

Head: Flower Crown, Butterfly Bow, Rose Tiara, Feathered Mask/Bird Hat, Head Feather,

Neck: Lei, Leaf Necklace, Firefly Necklace, Various Scarves, Various GREEN amulets, Stethoscope, Beaded Necklace,

Body: Various Bags and Backpacks, Mysterious Cloak, Various Blankets, Various Wings (No bat style wings), Slingshot, Green Gowns or Dresses.

Feet: Various Sandals, Mystic Gauntlets, Various Bags, Green Rings, Various Bracelets.

Tail: Feather Tail, Clover Tail, Heart Tail, Ribbon.

Colors: White and Green preferably, but do whatever.

Suggested Animal: Bunny or Lynx

Priestess Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.59.10 AM

Symbol: Mira

My Example: Branch Antlers, Firefly Necklace, Mysterious Cloak, Clover Bracelet, No Tail.

Since this is a blend of the other classes, you can wear pretty much anything. As long as you look Light, Regal or Priestess-ish.

Colors: White and Light Blue.

Enchanter Edit

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.12.25 AM

Symbol: Lightning Bolt

My Example: Steampunk Monocle, Tattered Scarf, Mech Angel Wings, Wind Gauntlets, Phoenix Tail.

Head: Steampunk Goggles, Steampunk Monocle, Aviator Hat, New Years Celebration Hat,

Neck: Tattered Scarf, Various Amulets

Body: Various Wings, Pirate Sword.

Feet: Wind Gauntlets, Various Gloves, Rope Sandals

Tail: Phoenix Tail, Spirit Tail, Ribbon, Flower Tail

Colors: Whatever color matches, preferably white and brown.

Whatever gives them the Enchanted or Steampunk look, I'm not really as picky about this one since the members are supposed to be eccentric. They generally have more of a dirty look, as they are associated with machines and oil and such.

Suggested Animal: Pig, Horse, Otter

Undecided Edit

Symbol: Paw


Neck: Tattered Scarf

Body: Pirate Sword

Feet: Various Sandals

Tail: Various Ribbons

Colors: Grey

Suggested Animal: Raccoon

Swears Edit

Obviously no foul language allowed, but of course there are a few in the rp we can use.

'Holy Paw!' - Holy crap

'I swear to mira' - I swear to god

'Zios Curses!' - You fool

'You Phantom!' - You jerk

Roleplay Elements Edit

Phantom Sickness Edit

Infect: It is spread by phantoms, and from there a bite will infect another animal. If someone dies by the hand of a phantom too many times, they will contract Phantom Sickness.

Effect: The affected animal inverts his colors. They grow fangs to bite with, and their eyes turn red. They go feral, attacking any knights in the area. After the cure, they return to normal and have no recollection of their dark period.

Cure: Untainted running water, A Priestess' cleansing spell, a potion made of Ground Crystal, Phantom Lightning, and Water from Mira's Fountain.

 !!! I'm Open to Other Ideas :) !!! Edit

Members Edit

Username Class Title Name Active? Knight, Squire, Trainee, or Recruit?
Linea Head Priestess Song Melody yes knight
Eydr Healer Light Braveruler no knight
Fyde Mage Spirit Lily no knight
Rabitgi Huntress Star Rose no knight
Zapdos749 Huntress Star Moon yes squire
Keydar Phantom Shock Keydar yes Recruit

Rules Edit

Please, PLEASE listen to me. I am not that commanding, so you won't have to listen often.

When we do mock battles, no power playing. Which means no nm or nn's, but also no 'Miss'. I am fine with you saying something like 'Twisting out of the way, I fall to the ground'. You can't avoid the inevitable forever. It's just training, remember.

That's all i got (at least for now T-T)

How to Join Edit

I know this is so awesome, you want to join right??

AHAHAhaha ha a (cries in corner) if only.

Well if you want to join, comment below in this format:


Desired Class- (you can choose undecided)

First Name-

I will meet up with you as soon as I can, I'm usually on and off AJ on weekdays. Until I talk to you, you will be classified as Recruit. Then you will be a trainee, and once you decide your class you will be a squire. I also reserve the right to kick people (but i'm usually fairly accepting so that shouldn't be too much of a problem)

Enjoy your Roleplays!