Welcome To MoonPack.Edit

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Sometimes we also do other roleplays, but mostly pack rp's. Camp is at Acrogirl333's den. Have fun roleplaying!

Pack Desc & Rules.Edit

1. Moonpack doesn't use advanced, but we still only accept people that are experienced with roleplay.

2. Please only use natural fur colors. Examples: Brown, SIlver, White, Grey, Black.

3. The leader isn't picky, but never use things that look silly. Examples: Tiara, cheese hat, cactus hat, lightbulb hat, ect. Acceptable items include: Horns, Feathered Masks, Flower Crowns, Leaf Bracelets & Necklaces, Spikes, Elf Tail Armor & Elf Bracelets and tophats.

4. Wanna be a specific rank/role? No worries! Just ask Acrogirl333 on animal jam and she will help you get it. But you dont have to ask for Hunter or Warrior roles.

All Roles! (WIP)Edit

Alpha(Fem): Rose (Acrogirl333), Temper-mental when needed, she is very kind and nice which makes her a great leader, but she speaks firmly which makes her respected among packs. A short light brown and white she-wolf with dark grey spots and beautiful teal eyes. (Outfit: Flower crown, elf tail, spike, elf bracelets.) (Big sister of dusty) Edit

Alpha(Male): Silver (Ajkadypie), Very shy around others, yet incredibly kind & very observant of small details. A tall black and brown he-wolf with striking red eyes and a handsome face. (Outfit: Black tophat, stone sword, zios gauntlets, mummy tail, blackout spike) Edit

Beta: Dusty (Bananamae123), Incredibly helpful in times of need & willing to help a lot, very curious and playful.. much more playful than rose.. & and eager to do abselutely anything. A dark brown and white she-wolf with light grey spots and big, eager brown eyes. (Outfit: Aviator hat, rare spartan armor, elf bracelets ..look may change..) (Little sister of rose)

Warrior Lead: Skye (Jazzygirl3), Very stubborn and resilient, she is kind of playful at times and usually bottles up her feelings, she is pretty quiet around others and is good friends with rose and dusty. A white and grey she-wolf with one green eye and one blue, she has one flopped ear and one is perked normally.