~~~~~~~~~~~~WELCOME TO MYTHICAL VALLEY MALL! Where the fun never ends.~~~~~~~~~

Hey, I am Taceythediva. My mall includes a salon,movie theater, clothing store, plushies, pet store, food court, candy store, electronics store,and a pool with games. We're hiring!~ If you would like to have a job at the mall scroll down to jobs.


If you're interested in getting a job at the mall here are the options!

2 more people at the salon,2 people at candy store,1 at electronics,2 at food court,1 lifeguard,1 at movie theater, 1 at clothing store, and 2 police. ALSO to join you must put your (RP\Fake) name, and your username. You don't have to add your user name though!


  • Tacey (Taceythediva) -Owner of den-
  • Kitty (Kittycatwild9)

Salon Workers

  • Anna (Missiepie01) Hair Cutter
  • Jack

Pet\Plushie Worker

  • Summer (Errumm) Desk Worker-Helper


  • Officer. Major (Atk08) Security


  • BlackStorm (Warriorcatsblackpelt
  • OPEN 


TaceyTheDiva is Central time while Kittycatwild9 is Mountain time.

The store opens at 10 or 11 AM, The store closes at 1 AM.

We're going to use Central time though.

Mountain time is a hour below Central Time

Pacific time is two hours below Central Time

Eastern time is two hours ahead of Central time.

                            💫THANK YOU FOR STAYING!💫

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