Twenty One Pilots - Glowing Eyes (Lyrics)-3

Twenty One Pilots - Glowing Eyes (Lyrics)-3

The Basics
Full Name Nightmare Benorven Beast.
Age 256 (Looks 18, 198745 In Human).
Gender Male.
Birthday June 6, 1761.
Orientation Bisexual.
Species/Race Shadow Demon.
Family Smile Beast (Wife), Shadow Beast (Younger Brother), Shade Beast (Youngest Sibling, Sister), Nevaeh Beast (Daughter), Saber Beast (Youngest Child, Son), Yuki Beast (Eldest Daughter), Amara Beast (Sister In Law), Diablo Beast (Pet Dragon, Shade's Lover), Hunter Beast (Nephew), Pandora Beast (Niece, Eldest Of Shadows Children).
Likes Tea, Being Feared, Friends, Family, Violence, Respect, A Fair Fight, Corpses, Dancing (He Only Dances In Public Drunk).
Dislikes Coffee, Foes, Unfair Fights, Disobedience, Ignorance, Disrespect, Water, Blow Dryers.
Love interest Smile Beast.
Occupation Satan, Fallen Knight's Member.

Personality: Calm, Daring, Brave, Bold, Insane, Caring, Soft, Harsh, Chill, Aggressive, Dominant, Playful, Creative, Awkward, Lazy, Comedic, Friendly.

History and Past Life
Nightmare Was Born And Raised In A Shadow Realm. Once He Was 15 (Around 7 Years Old In Shadow Demon Time), He Began To Portray Stronger Abilities And Physical Factors Than The Other Demons In His Realm And Ranking,Having Came From A Weaker Family. The Leader, Umbra, Had Found This As A Threat And Had Begun To Grow Cautious Of Nightmare, Fearful That Nightmare Would Be More Powerful Than Him. At 26 (15) Umbra Took Action, Imprisoning Nightmare. Umbra Had Him Chained To The Wall,Practicing Various Torture Techniques On Him One After The Other. Nightmare Left The Prison, His Soul And Mind Corrupted To A Point No One Else Would Understand If They Did Not Go Through What He Did; And Yet Still Kept His Calm And Stagnant Nature And Attitude. He Stayed With His Family Until Umbra Would Seek To Torture Him In One Of The Worst Ways Possible. Nightmare Was Forced To Watch As Umbra Murdered His Family, One By One In Gruesome, Horrid Ways. Nightmare Took His Brother Shadow, Whom Had Been A Baby At The Time, And Left The Chaos As Fast As He Could. Umbra Noticing, Could Only Curse The Child To Become A Horrible Beast With Spikes For Hands That Cut Off At The Elbow, Claws, Horns, Fur And Spikes Down The Back With A Raptor Like Frame, Noted As The 'Beast Curse'Nightmare Then Left To Raise Shadow In The Mortals Realm, Or So Called Earth, Were He Hid From His Former Leader Having After Been Banished. Shadows Beast Curse Was Suppose To Make Him Betray His Kin (Family), Yet It Only Made Him As Harmless To Demons And Others As Tree Branches, And Afraid Of His Own Shadow. Later On After Finding His Youngest Sibling, Shade, Nightmare Questioned How Many More Of His Siblings Escaped The Shadow Realm And Strives To Live A Normal Life, All The While Umbra Still Rules With An Iron Fist In The Realm Nightmare Used To Call A Home.

Physical Features

Skin Tone: Pale. 

Eye color: Entirely Black With Flames, Them Growing Within Moods (Goes Green Mad, Blue Sad, Extends When Exited, Regular Calm, Purple Happy, Green With A Skull Rage).


Hair color: Black.

Scar Across Left Eye, Scars All Along Back And Chest, Satanic Symbol In Carves

On Chest.

  • General Features And Body Figure Of Nightmare:
  • Nightmare's Hairstyle:
  • Nightmare When He Has Lost It:
  • Nightmare's Wings:
  • The Symbol On His Chest:
  • Part One Of His Eyes:
  • The Flames Within His Eyes, Part Two:
  • Nightmare's Flames He May Summon, And The Flames In His Eyes When Mad:
  • Nightmare's Flames When Sad:
  • Nightmare's Flames When Happy:
  • Umbra Taking Full Control, Driving Nightmare Insane:
  • Nightmare Within Shadow Form:


  • Nightmare's Scythe:
  • More Realistic Version Of Nightmare's Scythe:
  • Nightmare's Dagger (Removing The Dragon):