Hidden Citizens - Let Me Out (Epic Powerful Vocal)-0

Hidden Citizens - Let Me Out (Epic Powerful Vocal)-0

The Basics
Full Name Keryth Dowler
Age 23
Gender Male
Birthday Aug 27
Orientation Gay,
Family Mother(?), Father (alive)
Likes Cooking, Staying busy, Reading, Tea Brewing, Dancing (won't admit it), pottery, poison, his Pets, his Guild, Sweets
Dislikes People messing with his work, any bland food, anyone messing with his guild, disrespectful nicknames
Love Interest (He won't tell anyone)
Occupation Fallen Knights Member

Pastell is a very calm and collected person. He's one who aims to please others, putting his guild members before himself. Although kind, he's also protective, and can even be obsessive if things get taken that far. He has a mild to severe case of Haphephobia(fear of being touched) depending on who he's with, but is an overall serene and nurturing person, ready to help or listen to anyone in need.

History and Past Life
If you don't want to read the whole thing, read what is only in bold.  

​Pastell was born in a conservative town, one known for its industrial work and for being heavily involved in the black marker and underground trading systems. His parents presumably divorced and his father remarried to a woman who didn't like Pastell at all, one of many in his town, while Pastell's mother went into hiding. For 5 years he was tormented by town members -who hated his physical features and his biological mother- and his parents. When Pastell was seven, he was traumatized by being harrased by a few older men. This continued for a year until he snapped, using a fork to murder 3 of the 6 men who assaulted him. He was then ordered to be thrown into the cold tundra of the northern region as punishment for murder and a few other (false) crimes. While there, he trained himself to hunt and defend himself, also teaching himself a few spells. He came in contact with some unearthly beasts, and it was then that he found out he was capable of taking control of and making companions out of creatures and unearthly beings. His first companion was a beast pup, a being with leopard like features and pale fur, spike like scales on its back and paws, with saber teeth.

For 2 years he stayed in the tundra until he was able to manipulate some cargo shipmates to take him to a nearby village, where he met Lady Reigan, a trained assassin and nation-wide business woman a while later. She took him and his companion in, training them to be skilled fighters and killers before taking them to her boss, getting Pastell and his beast companion into the assassins organization. He used his new found flexibility, agility, and abilities to excel in the organization, working with Lady Reigan and becoming a killer of many, while as a cover, he was given a new ID as Pastell and a new job as a baker and working with Lady Reigan as well, her being an actual mother to him. One day, he and L.R (Lady Reigan) were on an assignment together, L.R getting a wound to her side and leg, luckily surviving. Unfortunately, a few days later she was ambushed, getting shot in the chest. When Pastell found out, he was sent in a rage, where he assassinated about 50 people, all of them part of the group that killed L.R. He was able to question some of those men and realized all of them also worked for L.R's boss, Pastell's current boss as well. Pastell found him in his office, where his boss practically challenged him, in which he made the worst mistake.

After assassinating his boss, Pastell became an outcast and fugitive in the eyes of other assassins. he ran away into the forest, staying there with his companion until Red asked him to join the guild. From there he became a lot more open to others than before, seeing the guild members as his first and only real family, and wanting the best for every one of them. During his time in the guild, he went back home to question his father about his mother, finding out that his mother is actually an alien, which is why he has some of his abilities, and why he would be changing his physical form if he stopped taking the pills he was given as a child by his father. He's scared of who he really is because everything he knew about himself is now void, making him want to find his mother even more. He has a small job of working as a part time chef, and wishes to learn more about cooking.

Physical Features

Skin Tone: Pale

Eye color: Gold

Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Freckles, birthmark on his lower left hip

  • Basics of Pastell's physical features
  • Pastell's physical features when he doesn't take the pills his father gave him (he hasn't experienced this yet)
  • The markings he gets along with physical features of previous pic
  • Pastell's hairstyle
  • Pretty much his physical features
  • This is when he's mad and off the pills (also hasn't experienced this yet)

  • Shape and features of Pastell's bladed twin handguns
  • Transormation of his bladed handguns
  • Alternative coloring and style
  • Pastell's bullet types
  • His whip-blade

Pastell has and cares for many animals and creatures, a lot of them mythical or unheard of in human standards. His companion is the creature he has lived and trained with since his childhood and since he's lived in the tundra.
  • Pastell's companion in normal state, usually colors depending on surroundings
  • Full battle mode. Its fur becomes hard to pierce through and too smooth to hold onto.