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Basic Information

Full Name: Anastasia Rebecca Elizabeth Taylor

AJ User: Falconflightx

Wiki User: FalconFlightx

To Be Addressed As: Queen Anastasia I, Your majesty, Your royal highness

Gender: She-cat

Age: 20 Moons

D.O.B: Nov 16th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Realm: Dark

Living: Yes

Scent: Expensive perfumes

Theme Song:



Mother: Miranda Boleyn

Father: King Richard VII

Uncle: Bradly Boleyn

Aunt: Bermuda Boleyn

Step Mother: Queen Olivia

Half Siblings: Prince Aaron II


Loves: Quite evenings, Being independant, Respect, Staying clean and smelling fresh

Likes: Large dinners, Formal events

Meh: Pets, Romance

Dislikes: Snobs

Hates: Disrespectful people, Suitors, Thirsty toms that want power

Personality: Cold, brutally honest, 


Question: How did you become queen exactly?

Answer: I am the child of thing king. Obviously.

Question: Aren't you an illegitimate child..?

Answer: Silence fool.

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