Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Part 1 of 11

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Part 1 of 11

The Basics
Full Name Robert Carly Flameson
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday Sept 8
Orientation Bi
Family Mother(?), Father (Dead)
Likes Fighting, Eating non-food items
Dislikes Cats, Real food, Water, Lightning
Crush "She goes to another school, you wouldn't know her."
Occupation Fallen Knights Leader


Red is a very powerful person; when it comes to the way he fights and the way he leads he will always find a way to pull through. He can be reckless at times and can get easily distracted, forgets things very quickly, but he's sure to be there for his guild members and never backs down from a fight if it won't hurt his guild as a whole. he can also be very serious at times, but he's pretty laid back and childish. Anyone can all say for sure that Red is a fighter for what he believes in and is very protective of his guild.


History and Past Life


Red Was born somewhere on a mountain in Moscow Russia. He grew up living a pretty strange life in the cold, learning to eat anything cause food was scarce. After a while, when Red was about 12, his father up and left out of the blue. Red was alone for about 4 years, studying magic and mathematics, learning how to further control and utilize his magical power and abilities. He sent out 782 clones on a frantic search for his father, soon finding his father dead. After that, Red had no need for the clones killing them off one by one. But one clone would not be executed he went to kill it. It was a glitch you could say. The clone's codes would glitch and change themselves too fast for the original Red to delete it. That clone knew how to use his magic, it smarter then the rest. You could say it was self aware of what it was. This clone is the Red everyone knows and loves now. This is the Red that brought together the Fallen Knights guild. Red continued his life living out as a "Normal Human".Although, Before Red created the guild he had something that was dear to him and he fell into a sort of depression. During that time Red learned to let things go and move past it. This then inspired him to make the guild. He might be new to leading, but he continues to learn more and grow as a leader and a person.


Physical Features


Skin Tone: Tan


Eye color: Emerald


Hair color: Brown


Markings/tattoos:Tattoos on his chest and stomach of a dragon and a flame.


  • Basics of Red's normal look
  • Another picture of Red
  • Red's hairstyle (there's a ponytail in the back)
  • Red's body figure
  • Red when he's mad or fighting at times






  • Red's Samurai Swords
  • This is Red's ball and chain
  • His Hammer