You walk among the lush greenery and broken relics in an eerily peaceful setting. Oh, but its not. You are one of the last living humans on Earth. As you keep walking, you come to a clearing, where a robot lies tangled in the vines. It sputters and hisses. You run. You run hard until your out of the clearing, and back with your friends at a cave. You tell your friends what you saw. They scoff, saying it was just an excuse to not be on food-finding-duty. Heck, you dont plan on going back there.


  1. No powers
  2. Romance allowed, nothing else but kissing
  3. No powerplaying
  4. All pets and plants in den are fair game
  5. Cant be a robot
  6. No Mary Sues (perfect non-flawed person)
  7. No leaders (ITS AN APOCLYSPE)
  8. No drama without permission
  9. No roleplaying as a pet or animal
  10. Realstic colors and clothes

Please don't ask to be a boss. [refer to rule #7]

Founders: Reyandbb8starwars and Olimpicgold




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Where: Olimpicgold's den (Status: Not Finished, dont come yet!)