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Rattlesnake drawing T

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Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Alive and well
Residence The Fallen Knights
Rank Squire
Voice Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez
Age 19-20
Species Gorgon hybrid
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Sabazios Is a kind soul being quite patient and silent, but can be quite a dangerous foe to declare war against. He can be quite witty when needed to, and very light on his feet. Sabazios other then being kinda of a loner one may call, seeing he Is Incapible of showing affection and doesn't know what It Is, can oddly be flirty at times. He rather sit alone and quietly listen to music or work out to build his frame further, seeing he Is quite athletic and energetic. If you say something cannot be done, he will push limits and prove they can be. He Is somewhat of a sociopath, and struggles to express emotions fluently constantly and has been since day one. Sabazios Is use to agony and will not feel It even apon death, he does not fear death or anything strangly.


Sabazios Is a well built young adult. He Is 6.2 and kinda pale even while being Mexican with serpant like eyes that will constrict and narrow apon the son and Interactions. When hes mad, his eyes will go pure white, but no one notices seeing he wears glasses to prevent from turning anyone Into a statue. He wears a beanie to hide his raven like hair with the tips being cobras of blue, purple and green. Along with the sunglasses and beanie, he also wears a bandana like thing around his mouth to hide his all sharp teeth and forked serpant tongue. His casual appearance consists of a raven hoodie, skinny jeans, sneakers, the beanie, mask, and sunglasses.

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  Likes & Dislikes


Being alone

Solving puzzles

Creating friends








Horrendous first Impressions



His heritage

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Name Gender



Rank Trust Percentage Other Comments
Pastell Male Blades Of Redemption Member Leader 73% ''I find him quite trust worthy, after all hes my Instructor.''
Nimbus Male Senpai Spellcaster 100% ''I don't know why but I have a strange reaction to him...''
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Sabazios had accidentally turned his mother to stone at birth, and with his father fleeing before revealing of whom he is to young Sabazios, he was left absent of affections and anyone close, making him alone. Sabazios had missed out on a lot of stuff, but Instead had learned how to survive In this cold dark world we all live In. Learning everything by handmade things tough, but he never quit seeing things that are tough are just encouraging one to push the limits. Sabazios had been sociopathic and turned to a life of robbery since he had not been taught any other way. Sabazios once grown to be a young adult had learned his father lives and thirsts to seek of his heritage. As the young Gorgon fled his hometown to venture upon his quest to seek of his father, he soon realized his normal hand to hand combat was not going to keep him alive In the world for long. From the realization of defeat, he did not give up, Instead, he found himself a weapon, his trustworthy Kopis with detailed snakes encarved Into the carefully crafted blade. This only made him crave further to know of his heritage and what he truly Is, feeling some emotions. As the young hero remains on his quest, he realized something he hadn't before. He has never had a friend. Affection. Emotions. Love. He weakened and put up barriers, corruption darkening his soul, making him promise to himself he would never open up.
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