(Note; I'm not using special letter characters in her descriptions)  (OTHER NOTE; STILL IN PROGRESS, SOME KINKS TO WORK OUT)

Occupation Fairy Tail Occupant
Type Requipper
Voice Kristi Kang
Age 16




Sanda was raised in her family with two older twin siblings. Her siblings always got more attention, which she was okay with. As she got older, she got pushed harder and harder to be the best, her father telling her, "Victory is not an option". Sanda always tried her hardest, but usually failed. When she failed, her father would take her into his office and beat her with a ruler. Sanda soon became very quiet, and never spoke her mind. She became shaped to only accept victory, and anything less she would become very timid. Once when she was out walking, her siblings saw her and cornered her in an ally, calling her names and threatening to beat her up. Only after she got a black eye and broken arm is when she unleashed her powers, and brutally beat her siblings with the weapons that appeared out of the pocket dimensions. She fled home, and joined the Fairy Tail guild, the only place where she ever found a safe place. In Fairy Tail, she let go the tantalizing urge for victory and started to ease out of her protective shell.



Sanda is very quiet, and only opens up to her two closest friends, Xavier and (ironically) the First Master, Mavis Vermillion. When in combat, she becomes very powerful, despite her quiet demeanor outside the arena. When around good friends, she is rather sarcastic, humurous and cheerful. When around enemies, she is quiet, but gets a sadistic look in her eye, and her eye twitches a little also, and is also sarcastic. When around family, she is very quiet.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Sanda has a lean figure fitted in an almost maid-like dress, and wears tall black boots. She has big dark brown eyes, and pitch black hair. She has a small scar below her lip, and a mouth that rarely smiles. She wears a silver arrowhead choker, and usually keeps her hair down, but sometimes wears it in a tight bun. She usually gets teased about her flat chest :(


( In Combat) "*sigh* Do I really have to same some trash like you?" "Well, you can take your great army and shove it up you-Sorry, I almost gave a crap" "I wouldn't want to be you right now" (With Friends) "I could beat the pulp out of you, ya know"

(annoyed) "Maybe you should eat some makeup you can be pretty on the inside too" "Yes, I am flat...compared to you"

(Around Family)

  • Silent with the stink eye*