"Out with the new, in with the old," Edit


You walk around a bustling city, filled with people wearing gears, monocles,goggles, balance hats, and outfits dating back to the 1800s. Weird thing? Its 2029, after a apocalyptic nuclear accident. Only a few survived, but those people were the children of the survivors, brainwashed from their past. These people live without the amenities we live with today, you are one of them. Instead, they have flying machines,and gear operated machinery. It may seem peaceful, but outside the barriers (gear operated of course,) of this peaceful city, unspeakable monsters lurk in the shadows, twisted monsters, no, humans,called the Twisted Ones that survived the nuclear accident, but weren't properly protected from the effects. Inside the city, a tower lies, holding the only known source of electric energy we use today. They call it, "Imperium Energy". It holds the Twisted Ones at bay. Your buying food and supplies for your family, who gave you a few Machina, the currency of the Steampunk City. You go into the market, purchase some gears, fruit, bread, rope, and a lever for your family. You start heading back when you hear a rumble, and then a hiss. You don't think much of it, the city does it a bunch. And then, the person next to you falls, acid burning through the back of his head. He screams in terror and pain, and then goes limp. Being so scared, you throw up. You hear a cackling voice, "LET US IN!", it screams. A Twisted One had gotten through the Imperium's Border. How? A Twisted One jumps and lands on all fours next to you. He/her stares at you with intense blue eyes, almost human. He/She looks momentarily stunned. He/She has ragged clothes, a rather starved build, sharp teeth, stringy hair, and boils all over his/her face. The Twisted One regains his/ her senses and laughs, evil but nervous too. "Aw, whats a matter? Cat got your tongue?", He/She swipes his/her boiled, clawed hand at you, making a gash in your face. You fall back in surprise. The Twisted One seems surprised, and his/her form flickers for a moment, into a human, with neat brown hair, blue eyes, still with ragged clothes, but..human. He/She hisses to themselves and runs away. You quickly gather your stuff, and instead of going home, follow them. You hear them screaming, "Whats happening to me!?". You run up. "A-are you o-ok?", you stutter. They turn to you, momentarily human again. "You don't understand do you?", He/She whispers. "Kinds like me weren't foolish enough to have no shelter during The Incident long ago..We were kept from sanctuary in your city, kept in an asylum so your leaders could do experiments on us, it's all a ploy,", they whisper. "Help my people, and rise up against President Impius,". Before you can do anything, they run to the beach side, a huge cliff towering over. "Wait! How do I-", He/She looks at you, and hisses, "Find my people,", and then throws himself/herself off the ledge.

Roles Edit

  • Twisted One (Transform every hour)
  • Citizen
  • Knight (Guard the City)
  • Key holder (Holds secrets to the city)

(Will continue description when i'm on again, tomorrow probably, put age, role, how long you've been roleplaying, and gender in comments)