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(Play the Music during the Prologue)

(This is during Season 1 Episode 2: The Weirdo On Maple Street, before The Body)

Today was a warm day, the year was 1983. This day was the day (Name) was heading to their friend's house for a sleepover.

You walked down the street, your bike right beside you with both your hands on the handle, as you steered it whichever way you were walking. You passed many people, and eventually even passed the kids who usually got picked on by Troy and James, you didn't really know their names since they weren't that popular around the school, but you did hear things about them from your friend, and they weren't good things. Your mother told you not to stay out after dark, after the events of Will Byers strange disappearance a few days ago, you saw plenty of missing papers with his name on it. You were almost to your friend's house, which means you might make it before the curfew at 7 P.M. You decided it was time to stop walking if you were going to make it, since the moon was rising.

Within a few minutes you were on your bike, pedaling down the empty pathway, enjoying the sound of crickets, and the small lights caused by fireflies. It really was a great day to go outside, usually it rained quite a few times, but that was before Will Byers disappearance. You wondered how Will Byers did disappear... Could it possibly be linked to the other people who strangely have went missing in the same week as Will Byers? You didn't know, and didn't want to find out either, for all you know it could be a kidnapper who is out for kids, and anyone from Hawkins could be next. You heard the sound of leaves cracking, and turned your head around, to be greeted by a strange tall slender figure, that had no face, nose, and its face looked like it was closed up. Was this even normal? The light on your bike flickered, then went out completely. You knew it was time to bounce, and began to pedal faster, as the figure began to follow you, giving off eerie sounds, like clicks.

(Stop the first soundtrack, and click the second from here on, until the prologue is finished.)

No matter how fast you pedaled your bike, it would still be two football fields away from you, and still would be in your eyesight whenever you turned around. You were starting to panic, and was thankful that houses were insight. If only you knew what was coming next. Your bike hit a giant crack in the street, and you fell face forward into the pavement. The light on your bike started to flicker, and at a fast pace. The monster started to walk towards you, and you began to crawl back.

This was bad, very bad! You quickly got to your feet, and began running towards the houses. You didn't want to die, you weren't an old (gender) yet! You ran to a red house, since it was the biggest one on the street, and began to bang on the door, and yell.


Nobody at the door was responding, and you started to walk down their steps quickly, until someone grabbed your elbow and yanked you inside of the red house. The house was dark, and the red fancy door was now closed.

''Are you insane!?''

The mysterious person in the dark sounded like a girl, but you couldn't see what she really looked like without lights. The girl hit the switch, and you noticed she had brunette hair, and brown eyes, it was Katy Henderson the cousin of one of the kids that got picked on by Troy and James. You opened your mouth, trying to explain why you were freaking out, and banging on her door.

''I'm sorry, but you don't understand it's out there! It was chasing me!''

Katy's face turned white almost as if she seen a ghost.

''What was chasing you exactly...?''

You responded immediatly.

''It was tall, and it had no face, and had this weird wrinkles like it was closed up, why? Did...You...See it before?''

Katy nodded slowly, and it seemed like, you weren't imagining this creature, and others could see it...

''The Demorgorgon..''

The brunette haired girl said.


Hello, and welcome to the Stranger Things Roleplay! This roleplay takes place in 1983, during November. The roleplay will follow the plots of each episode up to episode 8, and continue fan made plot until season 2 comes out.


  • Kissing is allowed, but that is it.
  • You can be related to a character, but you need permission first.
  • Keep other fandoms out of this roleplay, unless there is permission.
  • You are allowed to be a main character.
  • No powers, that's basically unfair to all of us, well I mean if you have permission from me then it's alright, like if the power isn't that SERIOUS.
  • No powerplay, if the person is ok with dying then it's alright.
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