The Elites   


The Elites



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Captain Laurel x Lord Cyrus

Kip x Newt

Captain Zara x Captain Yumiko  </div>

Captain Laurel x Lord Cyrus


Captain Zara x Captain Yumiko

Please try to keep this serious.
Dear _____,
I cannot explain how much you mean to me.
- Anonymous

Dear Laurel,

Do you know how much you mean to me? I just want you to know, that you warm my heart. You are the one that brought me here. The one that leads me through the dark. I know you cannot belong to me. Alas, you belong to someone else. The pain I feel, kills me everyday. But, I have to survive. For you.
- Secret Admirer

Dear Kip,

Hello Kip, how are you? Just stopping by to say hello. I am strange sorry...
- Secret Admirer (but you can probably guess)


Coded and created by ShatteredRay(Leeroy) and Kitty2(Newt)



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