Imagine yourself in the Victorian era

You stand in a room of nobles, silently waiting in the palace. You stood with cold eyes and a heavy heart. The king and many of the Royal line had been murdered a few nights before. Only King Richard's illegitimate daughter remained. You let out a sigh focusing on the great oak doors that began to open.

A tall brown shecat emerged. With regal form and a fire in her eyes, she walked toward the center of the room. All of you bowed, though some hesitant.

"I know I am young. And I know some believe, a monarch of my gender could never lead. But I promise you I know my duty and I am ready to lead."

Two servants brought a chair that the young queen slowly sat down upon. A grey tom walked forward, bowing forward and holding out a paw, the queen daintily placing her's in it.

"Your majesty." He kissed her paw and glanced up at her.

"Count Hemming." She answered.

The tom stepped back with a shecat replacing him.

"Your majesty." She did the same.

"Lady Fitschester."

This continued for all the nobles until they got to you.

"Your majesty." You said.

"(Rank and title). Will you be staying in the kingdom for long? I've heard you're making plans to leave after my father passed."

"I.." You looked up at the queen. "I may stay, a little while longer"


Founded 1/2/17
Founder Falconflightx
Status Work In Progress
Type Monarchy
Species Feline
Tag Color Gold
Realm Netrual
Theme Song
Monarch's Badge Star
Time Period Victorian Era

-Updates and News-


-Uppermost Class-

King and Queen

These are the highest ranks in the kingdom. They may never be challenged and are always to be respected. You are not allowed to speak with the King or Queen without asking ahead. It is highly disrespectful unless you are a close friend. They uphold the law and lead the clan with honor, pride, and justice.

Princess and Prince

These are the children of the ruling monarchs. The oldest legitimate child takes on the crown when the King or Queen (Depending on who is the consort) passes away. The rules of becoming a monarch are simple. You must be the oldest and you must be legitimate. This means that no adopted child or child from a previous marriage is in the line of secession. Only the king and queen may allow this to happen.


If the reigning monarch is unable to rule for reasons of, sickness, insanity, etc, the Regent will rule for them

-Noble Class-

This is a highly respected class, closest to the King and Queen.

Duke and Duchesses

Count and Countess

Earl and Countess

Baron and Baroness

-Elite Class-

The lord and lady are the higher version of a Sir and Dame. They may also be the children of a noble rank

Sir and Dame

When you do something extremely honorable the Monarchs may knight you

-Common Class-




The Uppermost Class

To Be Addressed As

-Noble Class-

To Be Addressed As

-Elite Class-

Name Adia
Rank Knight
To Be Addressed As Lady Adia
Username moustachepinky
Description Shecat with blueish gray fur of different shades with one white blind eye and a few scratches. 138 moons old. Cat breed is Chartreux.
Status Unmarried
Job Witch

  • Lady Adia


Mr. Mrs. Ms.

This title belongs to full grown members of the kingdom

Title Who It Goes To
Mr. A male either married or unmarried
Mrs. A married female
Ms. An unmarried female


The eldest child is addressed by title and last name. However the younger children are addressed by title, first name, and last name.

Example: Please welcome Ms. Beaumont and Ms. Victoria Beaumont



Treason and double-clanning are completely unacceptable. This crime will be given an extremely tough punishment.

>> Reigning monarch's Word Is The Law <<

The reigning monarch's word is the law. The leader already has enough things to do, and dealing with annoyance and disrespect is not one of them. If anything relates to defying your leader, you will be giving a punishment that fits your level of defiance.

>>Powerplaying During Battles/Sparring<<

Powerplaying is extremely not tolerated. NN, NM, is all powerplaying. You will be warned about powerplaying but if someone has to keep warning you then it will turn into a punishment.

>> Seriousness <<

We have some fun time every once in a while but when we're roleplaying and you're not serious, you will be asked to leave once if this happens again a punishment will happen. Please, in roleplay, speak in a proper manner. No abbreviations or slang while roleplaying.

>> Correct Avatar <<

When we are roleplaying  your expected to wear the correct avatar and tag color and follow the dress code.

>> Active Members <<

You must be active in this kingdom. If you have a reasonable excuse like, vacation or moving then that is acceptable. However this isn't a roleplay that you can stay for a day then leave.

>> Anatomy and Latin <<

Anatomy is banned in this kingdom because 99% of it is fake. Doctors and Veterinarians use anatomy, we're roleplayers. Latin is banned because it is a dead language.

>> Ranking<<

Most of you will start off as commoners. You will need to work your way up the ranks. Do not whine and beg for the rank. It will only be ignored and probably make the monarchs dislike you.

>> Drama <<

Sure all roleplays have drama but it needs to be at a reasonable level. Do not go and say "a fox stole my kits", unless it is a planned roleplay. Extra drama is highly unappreciated.

>> Multiple OCs <<

The maximum Ocs you may have is 5, only one oc can be a high ranking cat, so other cats can have a chance of claiming a high rank.


-Jobs Profit and Fortune-

Profit is earned at the end of the month (week in real world time) for doing jobs. Certain jobs pay more then others. If you earn a certain amount of money then you can move up a class. This will earn you more respect.



A fancy old term for dating.

-Royal Consorts-

A royal consort is the spouse of a ruling King or Queen. They may never achieve a rank higher then their spouse. A real world example of this is Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Queen Victoria was made Queen on her own since she was the daughter of the king's dead brother. The king had no children, thus she was made Queen. Since Prince Albert is her spouse and was not inline for the throne of England, he would never be able to get a higher rank.

-Arranged marriages-

This is a marriage arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. This may be for many things. To secure a good fortune, simply have a child married or to ease relations between kingdoms of families. The to that are to be wed usually have no say in the matter. 



A Household is the den you stay in. This is where you and your family (If you have one) live. If the head of the household passes away, the oldest child, if any at all, will become the new head.

Household Name
Head Of Household
Members Of Household
Den Of Household


Jobs are divided into divisions based on what they do.


Command Sergeant



Castle Guards



High Sorcerer






Herbalist Doctor or Medicine Brewer

Herbal Trainee


This division has no hierarchy




Trade Master



Head Master/Mistress





This division has no hierarchy





This division has no hierarchy



A female who cares for heirs and heiress of nobles


-Dress Code-


Note: You are required to read all information on the page before joining

Oc First Name:

Oc Last Name:



Status (Meaning Single, Married Etc):

Wanted Job:


Share an account?:


Breed of Cat:


(Optional) Picture:

Household Name:

-New Oc Form-



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Which Household Do They Belong You?: