The Koala Thieves is a band of outlaws who steals from the rich to give to the poor. It is made completely out of koalas of all shape and color. Here is some info about the Koala Thieves:


King (leads): Mutant Loudpuppet (aka Speedy, aka Phantom) bunny10455

Deputy (helps the king):

Bandits (job is to steal from travellers and the rich and deliver the sources to the poor):

Guards (job is to guard the camp from strangers):

Peace Maker (makes peace with Clans, Packs, etc):

Medic (heals):

Disguisers (makes disguises for the Thieves):

Spindles (mother-koalas):

Young (baby-koalas):

Trainees (koalas that train under the higher ranks to take over one day):



Camp: Appondale in Comet

Other Territory: Kimbara in Comet