You were walking near a lake. You were walking for a quite while until you felt that something was watching you. You turned your head and noticed electric blue eyes watchign you from the shadows. "What are you doing here?" The crreature with electric blue eyes took a step towards you. One of its white white a lightning like electric blue stripe could be seen. "I-im l-lost.." You shivered. "Hmm..I see but you should leave until i count to three," The creature took another step towards you. Now you could see what it was. It was a white with strypes of electric blue wolf. "But i don't know the way home.." You whispered. "One.." The white wolf spoke. "Please.." You shivered. "Two.. Three!" The wolf pinned you down and bit into your neck. The red blood was running like a river. "Please! Let me go!" You yowled in pain. The wolf ignored your words and kept sinking its fangs into your neck. "There's no room for weaklings like you in Shattered Peace territory. We don't need any like you to scare our prey!" The wolf bit into your neck harder. "Shattered Paws.." The name echoed in your head. "Wait i want to join!" You yowled. "Hmm.. well you might be helpfull in something to Shattered Peace," The wolf jumped off you. "Welcome to The Shattered Peace,"

Founding date:02/02/2017

Founder: Echo

Current leader: Echo

Roleplay type: Advanced/Non Advanced

Activity status: Active

Species: All Mythical Creatures

Tag: White

                                     God and Godddess

God and Godddess are the leaders of the group


The deputies are the co-leaders of the group


Shamans are the healers of the group


Combatians are the warriors/hunters of the group


The novices are the apprintaces of the group


Youth are the youngest of the group


Name Age Gender Mate Youth Username


Name Age Gender Mate Youth Username


Name Age Gender Mate Youth Username


Name Age Gender Mate Youth Username


Name Age Gender Mate Youth Username


Name Age Gender Mentor Username


Name Age Gender Father Mother Username

Joining form





Appearance: (Can send a pic)




Rp example:

Alliance form

Group/Pack/Tribe name and link:

Leader's username:

Leader's oc:

Deputy's username:

Deputy's oc:

How would be benefit you?:

How would you benefit us?:

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