'I solemnly swear I am up to no good...

Creators Reyandbb8starwars and Jammer7g1v7
Current Timeline Hogwarts, 3rd Year, 1990's
Number of Characters 3


998 AD

The rivalry between the Malfoy and Fallows families goes back before any of the two can remember, yet tensions remain high between the two to this very day. Nobody can remember the exact reason, though some associate it with money or quidditch. But what was the real reason these two families hate each other so much?

Plots- Back in the very beginning of Hogwarts, some of the first students included the early Malfoy and Fallow ancestors. Malfoy was considered the King of Slytherin's, while Fallow was Gryffindor's leader. The rivalry starts after Malfoy argues that Muggle-borns shouldn't be allowed at Hogwarts, while Fallows says they should.


Everyone knows the various stories of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's days at Hogwarts, but what about the other students? Before the epic conclusion to Voldemort's rise from power, what about the inseparable friends, forbidden romances, and rivalries? The story leading up to the Battle for Hogwarts isn't quite complete..


Year 1-Completed

Year 2-Completed

Year 3-After the Malfoy-Fallows rivalry has continued for centuries, Melony Fallows and Draco Malfoy decide to dig deeper into their family history, unaware of what they may find..

Year 4-The Triwizard Tournament begins, along with the hiring of yet another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. The students are as tense as ever as the Yule Ball looms ahead, with rivalries and new romances and friendships beginning. But.. are they for the better?

Year 5-TBD

Year 6-TBD

Year 7-TBD


-No using forbidden spells on another person's oc without asking them first.

-Your oc cannot know spells way over their age level, like Expecto Patronum in second year. Though if they are an above-average oc, they may use slightly above age-level spells.

-Please ask before playing an oc related to a canon character or a canon character. And if you do, please play them right and according to the plot and book series.

-Keep cussing to a minimum. Besides the fact that there may be young kids in the rp, you might be suspended or banned!

-For relationships, kissing is the limit.

-Ask before making any major plots with your character, and try to go along with the series at least slightly, as there WILL be adjustments made.

-If you don't want the series to be spoiled, don't join, as there will be events in the rp that occur very late in the series.</center>

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