Strange Things are everywhere... Edit

Name Age Gender Jammer Parents
Danny 13 Male Olimpicgold Jane Hopper and Mike Wheeler
Emily 13 Female Max Mayfield and Lucas Sinclair
Ryan 13 Male Dustin Henderson and Madison Smith(unknown character)
Aidan 13 Male Will Byers (adopted)

(Available characters above)

2004, 20 years after the original kids Edit

Danny was a normal kid. He had brown hair, freckles, brown eyes, and he didn't talk to people much. His mom and dad were pretty cool too.They lived in a ranch-style home in Hawkins, Indiana. He had been home schooled until today, the day he went to a public school. He had three best friends, and only knew them because their parents were best friends. He sat on the bus, trying to ignore bullies spitting spit wads onto the back of his head Emily glared at them and gave them an inappropriate sign with her finger. Emily had dark red hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. She usually wore combat boots, jeans, and a camouflage jacket. Ryan had brown hair, blue eyes, and a few missing teeth. Aidan had brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale face. Danny's eye twitched, and he turned around to the bullies. "Would you stop?", he growled. The bullies laughed mockingly, and before Danny knew what he did, spit wads covered the bullies's faces. "Dude, what was that, spit wads like, flew at them magically,", Emily tried to explain. Whispers filled the bus, and Danny's face burned with embarrassment. For the rest of the school day, it was all kids could talk about. ALL. DAY. Ugh... Danny biked home after school, occasionally stopping to look at rocks, toads, or just about anything. He was examining a toad when he heard a low growl. A creature rose up from behind a bush, it stood on two legs, had no face, and a slimy yellow mark on its butt. Danny remembered Dustin telling him as a child about a childhood pet named Dart, with a yellow mark, that he had to let go into the wild. Danny screamed and ran back to his bike. "Dart" ran after him, screeching. Danny fell off his bike and started running, Aidan's house was only one block away, It seemed like forever, but he got to Aidan's house, and banged on the door. Aidan looked puzzled but let him in. Danny told him what he saw. "Stupid, that's baloney,", Aidan scoffed. Danny went home and told his parents. His parents were silent. "Go to your room.", his mother muttered. "W-what?", he stuttered. "Go. To. Your. Room.", she repeated. Danny went to his room, sat on his bed, and broke down.

The Parents

Mike ran to the closet, and pulled out a old walkie-talkie. He got the others on the line. "Its back,", he muttered, "And my kid just saw it.". Silence. A fight started.

"Call the police!"

"No idiot! Police wont believe us!"


"Yelling feels so good right now!"

Eventually, they came to a conclusion, they wouldn't interfere.


Forest: Sarepia

Hawkins: Jamaa Township