Tokyo Ghoul


Welcome to Tokyo...where not everything is as it seems. Lurking among humans are cannibalistic humanoids infused with violent powers, that look exactly like people. These creatures are called Ghouls, who can only eat human flesh,other ghouls, and coffee. Ghouls can sustain a long time without food, like two months on one body, but without the proper nutrition, they go into a feverish frenzy. This happened such as when Ken Kaneki almost ate his best friend Hide. Do you dare enter this twisted Tokyo?

Roleplaying Parts

HUMAN- Being a human can be dangerous, there is always the chance of getting eaten

QUINX- Created by the CCG. An experimental squad of humans with ghoul capabilities. They are able to eat human food.

OGGAI- A new form of a one-eyed ghoul. They were created in a more innovative process.As a new kind of ghoul, they have an unheard of ability to activate two kakugan at once.In battle, their kagune will show much longer, and be much stronger.

ONE-EYED GHOUL-A human ghoul hybrid that possesses a ghoul's powers.One eyed ghouls have one kakugan, and to other ghouls, carry an enticing "scent". They can become a half ghoul in a parent is pregnant with them, or through a transplant of organs or something like that, from a ghoul

KAKUJA- A ghoul with clad's(hard shell armor) on its body. The armor on a kakuja's body amplifies their strength and diversifies their abilities, making them especially hard to fight. Using kakuja is nearly impossible because while fighting, most go insane.

HALF HUMAN- From a ghoul father and human mother, a child would be born a half human, and are far more common. They have enhanced physical abilities, but not all ghoul traits.







(Note: You can be at most 2 ocs)

  • Ken Kaneki, a one eyed ghoul
  • Quinxes
  • A Kakuja
  • Oggais
  • Ken Kaneki (human)