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Ghouls are a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on humans, coffee and other ghouls. They are as close to humans as possible: they normally display the same attributes; the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human with the main exception being their inner biology, mentality, and diet. Ghouls wear masks to hide their identites from the CCG, and to stay inconspicuous.

Most humans are defenseless to ghouls, but theres a certain group of humans and quinxes that protect Tokyo


Oggai in their capsules
Quinxes are half human ghouls that are made by the CCG to work for them. Like some one eyed ghouls, the quinx are made through surgery, but unlike ghouls, they can eat human food.

Oggais are a new form of one-eyedghoul. They are stated to be made differently from the Quinx Squad in a new and innovative process. They were created under the authority of the perfect kakhou surgery.



Tokyo ghoul root a episode 10 old ccg by kairururu-d8me36g
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The CCG is a group made up of Quinxes and humans. The CCG, or nicknamed by ghouls, The Doves, own weapons called Quinques, which are manufactured from a ghoul's kakuhou, or sacklike organ. The open position in this roleplay for being a Dove is Ghoul Investigators, which are the only ones permitted to use quinques, and go into combat with ghouls.

On the outisde, the Anteiku coffee shop is a small, quaint, innocent and plain building, but on the inside, its an organization of ghouls on the 20th ward.  Anteiku is a peaceful group of ghouls, and instead of killing humans, they take the bodies of sucide victims to use for ghouls food. There are two floors of the Anteiku coffee shop, the first is the coffee shop, the second used to store human meat.

V Aogiri Tree
V members
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V  is a secret organization that operates in the shadows and fulfills an agenda of maintaining a "balance" of the human and ghoul societies. Their efforts to maintain this ostensible "equilibrium" have been failing because of the ghoul terrorist organization, Aogiri Tree, and its leader, the One-Eyed Owl The cabal is aiming to eliminate this faction because of the danger to its policy.

a ghoul terrorist organization founded by Eto Yoshimaru.They actively combated the CCG. inflicting heavy casualties on them. In recent years, the organization had grown in power, becoming a large threat to the CCG and developed a notorious reputation among ghouls, and was one of the CCG's most pressing priorities.

 Ghouls Types


Rinkaku's Disadvantage
Ukaku's Disadvantage

rinkaku kagune has an appearance similar to scaled tentacles and is released at the back around the waist. A rinkaku wielder has powerful regenerative abilities and some could even survive the most critical of damage. Its peculiar appearance and structure yield a superior striking power and they excel in brute strength. Some rinkaku users are able to manipulate the shape of their kagune, such as changing its usual tentacle form into swords or claws.

An ukaku kagune is spread out like feathers and is released from the shoulder area, it specializes in high speed attacks, most of the users seeming to have highly enhanced speed.


Koukaku's Disadvantage
Bikaku's Disadvantage
.A koukaku kagune is released below the shoulder blade. Due to its high density of Rc cells, it is heavy and extremely robust, giving it the greatest sturdiness and making them very well suited for defense. Normally, they are generally shaped into armors or shields, but on the offense, they can be shaped like melee weapons such as drills, hammers, blades, and swords.Due to its high weight, a koukaku's speed is inferior to all other Rc types and the kagune is difficult to wield.

bikaku kagune typically has a tail-like appearance and is released around the tail-bone/coccyx. It is good for medium-distance attacks and has decent offense, defense, and speed. Thus, they have no notable strengths or weaknesses like the kagune based on other Rc types, meaning the kagune itself is treated as a surprise "trump card." The number of tails a bikaku user can create is usally one, but some can create more. A bikaku has better speed and durability against the brute-force, breakable rinkaku, allowing them to cut off the rinkaku's kagune. However, a bikaku will be overwhelmed by the faster ukaku-user and will lose against the ukaku's long-range attacks.


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