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Full Name: Umajo Daku Tenshi

Nicknames: Maj, Uma,

Status Alive, Demon, Heterosexual, Healer
Gender Male
Age 19


Dissipated Sprits



Umajo's day had already been bad. It was worse when a demon body slammed him into a tree. He fell out of the tree on his knees, then proceeded to lose his lunch. "AGAIN!", he heard his mother bark from the balcony of their house. Yurian shifted from her demon form back into the slender built, black haired, gray eyed, beautiful girl she was. "Maj, you gotta try harder!", she hissed at him. "Yeah, I know sis," Umajo said gloomily. He went back to the starting point in their backyard, and got in fighting position. Unlike the rest of his family, Umajo hadn't unlocked his demon form, and he was an extremely late bloomer because of that. After the little pep talk, Umajo did not get better, but got a face full of tree instead, ten times. He groaned and got up, seeing the sun was setting. "Dinner!", their mom hissed from the kitchen window. Yurian went inside the house, drawn by the smell of delicious pork and potatoes. Umajo grinned toothily and ran towards the open door of the house, only to meet a face full of closed door. "No dinner for you, rat, you don't deserve it," his mother hissed, standing on the other side of the door. He heard the gentle click of the door locking, and then the receding footsteps of his mother. "No!", he croaked, tired and beaten from the combat training. Tears streaked down his face, but then he had a realization. Yurian liked him! She would let him in, or atleast sneak food out to the porch. He grinned, eagerly, waiting for his sister to come. She never did. He woke up in the morning, curled in a ball on the porch, feeling anrgy and betrayed. Umajo's mother and Yurian opened the door and walked out, refreshed and ready for the next training. Umajo stared at them, dark circles around his eyes, his stomach rumbling in hunger. Yurian got in fighting position, and Umajo was forced to, poked and pushed by his mother into a fighting stance. Anger suddenly filled his gut, and he let out a guttural cry. Ugly, rotten crack marks surfaced on the skin near his right eye. His right eye's iris turned red, and the white of the eye turned a horrid black. He grit his teeth and ran at Yurian with super speed, before she could even change into her demon form. He punched her in the face, hard as he could. Yurian opened her mouth to scream, but blood came out instead. She crumpled on the ground, her eyes rolled into her head. Umajo looked at her in horror, the rotted cracks sinking back into his skin, his eye changing normal. His mother walked up behind him, "Well, it looks like we have a new champion," she smirked and walked off. Umajo ran up to Yurian, and put his palm on her face. Come on, come on, I need you! his thoughts screamed. His palm suddenly glowed gold against her face. The tips of his scraggly hair turned pure white, but seemed to glow gold also. His eyes turned gold, and whispers that he wasn't speaking came out of his mouth. Yurian's bruises dispeared, and the blood from her mouth dispeared. Her complexion became more tan, and she looked better in general. Her eyes opened, and she looked at him in fear and hatred. "You, you hurt me!", she hissed, "On purpose!," she got up and left him in the dust. "B-But, I healed you...Not on purpose though," he frowned and looked at his hands, searching for any golden glow.


Umajo has creamy but pale colored skin and two dark gray eyes. He wears a loose white button-up shirt with a black waistcoat and black tie with dark gray jeans. He wears loafers on his feet. He has tossled black hair. In combat, his black waistcoat hardens into armor, and his pants do the same. The skin around his eye rots, and his eye changes drastically. When healing, his eyes turn gold and white briefly frosts the tips of his hair. He has a rather young and innocent looking appearance.





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