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Kitsune/Vampire hybrid

Kitsune/Vampire hybrid





Kitsunes & Foxfire

Vampire's & full moons

As you may know, Kitsune means Fox in japanese. A modern kitsune would be a magical fox with usually more then one tail like the classic nine tailed fox. When i come to kitsune's i go to a shapeshifting fox. They have 3 forms, human, half human half fox, and then fox. The human form is the weakest with different strenghts that vary in speeds and other stats. The fusion of a fox and human are quite neutral, this form let's them use foxfire but in a very weak state but they can phase and morph easier. Finaly comes to the full Kitsune, this form is the lightest and their senses are always carried over like intelligance, personality, and other metal stats. Hearing, sense of smell, and eyesight are much more powerful and in this state their foxfire is very very strong depending on the number of tails.

I am known to be a fan of vampires after reading an amazing manga called My pathetic vampire life. I recomend this manga to all but you must know their is no anime for this manga yet. Instead of a full vampire i like to make vampire hybrids like my popular Vampire and Kitsune hybrid being my favorite apart from a Lamia Vampire hybrid i made once. I also made up my own vampire lore about full moons. Like a werewolf The influence of the fullmoon will drive a vampire crazy making them have a large thrist for blood stronger. This will cause them to loose control and become feral(In the savage way) and kill everything in sight. Vampire who are under the age of 15 are not effected and pure blood relatives will not attack each other. The only way to escape being feral is to become bonded(Marriage).

Cya's Foxfire rules:
1. To earn a tail you must do something amazing and good. These are called Foxfire quests that push you to the limit and almost drive you insane.

2. Fox fire tail ranking. One tail is a very weak Foxfire giving the the fox only a strenght boost and small fire. Three is a weak Foxfire, six is a strong Foxfire and then nine is a full Foxfire

3. To use a Foxfire you have to penetrate your strongest part of your body (Palm, Chest, Shoulder, Knee, etc). A burst of light will erupt and your fox fire will be triggered and the effect will last for a long time. Caution, after a while your body ill become weak and fragile making you vulnerable. 

Cya's full moon rules: 1. Vampires under the age of 15 are not affected by the full moons power and will remain sain.

2. To escape a full moon's grip a vampire must be fully bonded with the one they truly love. 

3. Vampire's that are pure blood related won't attack each other and will leave each other alone.

4. Unlike werewolves they will attack other animals, even freinds and will not comunicate with them. 

  • Art of Sora not made by me. Found this and thought it looked exactly like him.
  • Art of Cya 2# as a fox art made by me
  • Art of Cya 2# as a human
  • Art of Cya 1# when he's a wolf art made by me
  • Art made by me. As a few people know Cya 2# is actually two faced so i drew a split picture showing his evil side.
Some OC art made by me and freinds: