Username Jammer7g1v7
Born 36 BBY
Home Planet Naboo
Kids N/A
Occupation  Jedi Knight
Siblings Ari Zanedi
Realm Light
Status Deceased
Era The Phantom Menace-Before A New Hope

Val was originally born on Naboo, and was left alone with her baby sister, who was only 2 at the time. She eventually was found by the Jedi Council, who found out she had the force in her. She wanted to learn to control whatever the 'force' was, and so she did, but that also meant she had to leave her little sister behind, and find a foster family to take care of her while she went to train with her new mentor Crux. Once Val became a Jedi Knight, and was secretly a spy for the Jedi Council with her old Mentor Crux they were both sent to Hoth to bring down the Trade Federations base there, but ended up being betrayed by the Clone troopers. Val survived that day from her mentor taking the hit for her, so after she escaped she went to her home planet Naboo to hide, as the Emperor reigned.

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