Wildlife RolePlays~

"Nature was the first to spread to Earth top to bottom. Animals were the first living things to claim it."

Welcome to the Animal Jam role play for wildlife. You can role play as a animal and survive the struggle of the real world. Perhaps, you could be a hunter as well. The role play's are set at my den (Kittycatwild9). There are some rules though (like every RP) and please respect them.


  • No power playing! That means no cheating. For example: Claws and ends bear.
  • No advertising in the den. For example: "Tradin party meh den."
  • Follow Animal Jam's rules. We are role playing In Animal Jam so respect their rules too.
  • Be nice outside of role play\character. It's okay if your Oc's personality is evil or mean, but not outside of the RP. Bad example: "Ew, your outfit is ugly!" or "I'm going to report you just bcuz"
  • A role player may kill a character without their permission. You can always come back later as the exact same character that died earlier and pretend nothing happened. While waiting you can just make another character. After, all It is a survival RP in a way.
  • Don't be inappropriate or act like a one year old.
  • No complaining if your character died or if I told you to stop being rude.
  • On most days I'll only aloud real life animals or hunters to be aloud, but on some days there can be dragons or unicorns ect. They can't be to OP.
  • The ONLY humans aloud are hunters or trappers. No little girls\boys in the forest.
  • Predators need to hunt to survive. There can be a friendship between a wolf or rabbit, but it probably won't last long due to instincts.
  • Please, listen to the owner (me). If I tell you to stop or follow the rules please do it.
  • Sometimes I may not be on to switch the den at the exact time so, just be patient. If I'm not there and the den is unlocked and is already set up then you can just go there and role play.

Most importantly! I hope you have a howling good time!



Walking Woods (Forest)

The walking woods is a Deciduous forest. That means it is always changing and has four seasons winter,spring,summer, and fall. However, I won't change it to winter or spring. Most likely I'll keep it green sometimes fall. Most animals call it the walking woods due to it always changing and always growing.

Den: Spring Cottage

Days It'll be on: Friday,Thursday, Monday, Saturday

All the days beside Saturday will have the Forest RP all day long


Mountain time: (Begins) 9 AM (Ends) 1 PM

Eastern time: (Begins) 11 AM (Ends) 3 PM Pacific time: (Begins) 8 AM (Ends) 10 PM

Central time: (Begins) 10 AM (Ends) 2 PM


One of the most famous places in Walking Woods is Trout Shimmer Lake. Trout Shimmer lake is surrounded by tree's, rocks, and of course water. At one point of the lake at the corner there is a small wooden porch like circle where hunters camp. Animals must be careful when taking a sip of water. It's the clearest water and the coldest along with the best in Walking Woods. Each season it looks beautiful. It got it's name because there are trout there in the middle of the lake and the water shimmers like a crystal when sunlight hits it. There is also a waterfall that comes down from the rocks. The lake separates at the very end that are little rivers running all over Walking Woods. It is a very popular place to go to.



A well known area is called the Shadowed Forest. The Shadowed Forest is an eerie misty dark forest where most predators stalk. Most prey know not to tress pass unless they want to get hunted. Humans (hunters\trappers) hardly go here, but will if they want to catch a predator.





The Shivering Lands