...Wolf Iris... Edit

Welcome to the world of Wolf Iris.

Here a new adventure begins

Pick your character

Fight the evil

Fight the good

Chose your side

And complete your quest



​White Part--- Iceland of Yugo

​Area : Mt.Shiveer

​Etc : Mt. Yugo

​Green Part--- Forest of Kike

​Area : Sarepia Forest, Zios

​Etc : Temple of Kike, Iris Penninsula

​Blue Part--- Keymay City

​Area : Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands

​Etc : Town Hall, Iris Bay

​Yellow Part--- Cactimus Desert

​Area : Kimbara, Coral Canyons

​Etc : Wolves' Penninsulas

​           Left-Male                     CHARACTERS               Right-FemaleEdit


Yui the Panther
Yui the Panther
              Taken by Runicz (Ыеукдштп)         

​ATK : 100                      Special Ability : Teleport

​Bite-40                            Yui may teleport at a distance, but not far.

​Tail Whip-10                   Area : Forest of Kike

​Pounce-50  '                   ​Class : Felinus

​HP : 150

​Clover the Sheep
Clover the Sheeep

​ATK : 70                 Special Ability : Growth

​Ram-30                  Clover can summon vines to wrap her opponent

​Pound-40               Area : Forest of Kike

HP : 120                  Class : Herbva

Witley the Wolf
​Witley the Wolf

​ATK : 80                 Special Ability : Hidden Cloak

​Bite-50                      Witley can become invisible to his opponents

​Howl-30                    Area : Cactimus Desert

​HP : 130                    Class : Vulpes

Wishy the Seal
​Wish(y) the Seal

​ATK : 120                Special Ability : Wave's Opening

​Slap-20                    Wish can open the sea to cross

​Bite-50                     Area : Keymay City

​Paw-30                    Class : Aquis

​HP : 80

Thunder the Eagle
​Thunder the Eagle

​ATK : 100                    Special Ability : Strike

​Claw-50                      Thunder can strike 3 of his opponents with thunder

​Peck-20                       Area : Cactimus Desert

​Fly-30                           Class : Avos

​HP : 130

Mary the Bunny
​Mary the Rabbit

​ATK : 80                   Special Ability : Burrow

​Slap-30                      ​Mary can dig a tunnel to get anywhere               

​Gnaw-50                   Area : Iceland of Yugo

​HP : 140                    Class : Herbva


Eclipse the Artic Wolf
​Eclipse the Arctic Wolf

​ATK : 110                   Special Ability :           





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