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Welcome to Zootopia where all mammals of all different types and species live together in peace and harmony.

In the world of Zootopia humans never happened...Which makes Zootopia a modern civilized world that is entirely animal! Animals in Zootopia are anthropomorphic, that's just a big fancy word that means we walk on too feet and ware clothing. We also use technology! Like phones,computers, and so on! However, in zootopia not everyone gets a long ESPECIALLY natural enemies. That doesn't mean we hunt each other or run away in fear. Just remember... In Zootopia you can be anything! You'll just have to believe and try! 

Zootopia Official Teaser Trailer 1 (2016) - Disney Animated Movie HD-1

Zootopia Official Teaser Trailer 1 (2016) - Disney Animated Movie HD-1

                      -Judy's Storyline RP-

Ahh... Yes, we all seen the movie of Zootopia. Judy Hopps becomes a cop and is solving a case with her friend Nick Wilde, but have you ever role played it in Animal jam? We're acting as the characters. When parts come people will have to switch characters. Only Judy Hopps doesn't switch characters because she is the main character. I have the RP lots of times. Sometimes I'll will be Nick Wilde and Gideon Grey. Everyone will have a turn to be Judy Hopps and all of the characters! Jam-A-Gram me witch character you want to be. You must of had to at least seen the movie to RP this. And you have to at least know a few lines. 


Judy Hopps


                           FREE ROLE PLAY

This is a free role play of Zootopia. You can be your own character. You can even be savage if you want to. You  


Map of Zootopia

can meet new friends and have a job! There cant be any cats,dogs or monkeys.

There is Bunny Burrows,RainForest District,Tundradown Sahara Square,Savana Central,Central District,meowlands,Roden town, and the main city of zootopia! 

Zootopia's City! (Down Town)Edit

  • Silvermist ( Doey36 ) Silvermist is a predator. She is a silver fox. Silvermist is kind, funny and she likes helping people in need. Some of her friends are Iceicle and Fire.
  • booty Swiftpawd ~ ???? ~ Connie is a predator. She is a cheetah. Connie is a ticked cheetah that has won 45 matrathons from her home town. She just moved into zootopia and does not need a police car because of her speed. She wears a knitted hat and jacket with orange opal necklaces.
  • Gem ~xxajjamxx ~ Gem is a predator. She is a otter. Gem has purple dyed fur and works at a fur stylist. The name of the shop is the Fur Dressed shop. Gems is silly and tidy.
  • Rosy Richsli ~Kittycatwild9~ Rosy is a predator and she is a lightly colored fox. She has her paws and ears dyed pink and her eyes are a pale silver. She mainly wears pink and doesn't have a job. She's rich but isn't that snobby nor is she crabby. Rosy is very famous though and most people like to take selfies with her.
  • Lolly (Akabunny35) Lolly is a predator and she's a arctic wolf. She dyed her pink and white. She's a police officer.
  • Elm Ghost (casparartsy) Elm Ghost is a grey wolf, which means he is a predator. Mr. Ghost is a medium-height, scruffy and skinny wolf. He has a black pelt with a light grey underbelly. He has an eyepatch across his right socket, while his left eye is pupiless due to a deep scar running down it. He wears a worn-out buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up. There's a grey scarf wrapped around his neck and a belt that he wears around one shoulder. His tanned-colored pants are puffy and a hard, rough texture. His feet are wrapped in bandages and act as pads, protecting them from the elements. Elm is serious and a grim character. He's been through a lot, due to living on the streets. Mainly he keeps to him self and is nothing but a shadow in the streets.

Tundra Town Edit

  • Iceicle rain ( Warriorcatsblackpelt ) Iceicle is predator. She is a snow leopard. Her job is a news reporter. She loves plants and will go any place just to get one type of plant. Some of her friends are Silvermist and Fire. She loves hanging out with her friends.
  • Wolfie ( Wolfie90898 ) Wolfie is a predator. She is a wolf. She is the head chief of Zootopia's Z.P.D. Another name for her is Chief Wolfie.
  • Paint Brush. Pain Brush is a predator. She is an arctic fox. She is an artist. She is awesome! She has glasses on.
  • Blossom ( lilmaya08 ) Blossom is a predator. She is a arctic wolf. Blossom is very happy. She has a blue and pink dye fur.
  • DJ ( Jammer524mq3 ) DJ is a predator. He is a Arctic wolf. He has a gray fur. DJ is out going and is energetic. DJ, Lucky and Infinity are kinda like a pack.
  • Lucky ( Dragons444 ) Lucky is a predator. She is a Arctic wolf. She dyed her fur. Lucky is shy.
  • Infinity ( Piperb40 ) Infinity is a predator. She is a brown Arctic wolf. Infinity is intelligent and graceful as a wave. She is also pretty. She also likes the color turquoise.
  • Danny (xxricecrispy) Danny is a predator cheetah. He loves taking naps,cheese, and napping in the sun! Danny doesn't like to be messed with and he works as a cop.Danny also won 135 marathons for his home!
  • Alex (Jasmine370195) Alex is a predator that is a Arctic Fox. She is white and has black over her pale white eyes. Alex is a quite mammal,and when she talks she tries to slip in a sarcastic comment about someone or something, it's in her nature. She loves donuts and tries to do her best on her police Job. 

RainForest Edit

  • Fire Pawz ( Kittycatwild9 ) Fire is a predator. She is a red fox. Fire is clever and very sly. She also loves hearing music. She likes the cool breeze in her fur. She tends to hang out at Zootopia's City. She likes thinking to her self and will sit in the same place for hours just to think to her self.
  • Daniel (theeh567) Daniel is a predator and he's a red fox. Daniel loves science and he likes the art of flying. He works at a coffee shop downtown in the main city.
  • Tulip (swagtotheswag) Tulip is a predator and she is a female fox who loves art and music! Tulip works at a baker shop!
  • Star (ajcutie6567) Star is a predator and is a red fox. She is kind hearted,funny,fiery, and loves types of art such as painting, drawing, photograhpy, music, etc. Star LOVES hanging out with friends, but can be shy time to time.She also loves going to the the bakery as well!
  • Killer (mlpfun10) Killer is a predator and is a cheetah. She is a thief and her coat is black which makes it simple for her to hide in the shadows. Killer is very fast and prefers to work alone, but will work in a group if someone is worthy of her. Killer has a place where she likes to keep stolen things.
  • Cedar (Jasmine370195) Cedar is a predator and is a Red Fox. Cedar's Nickname is Red, she's bold outside of work and knows self defense, Mainly she doesn't act afraid of nothing. Her fur is red,with classic black stripes,  but she plans to dye it black with red stripes. Cedar works as a officer worker,she mainly works on buisiness for companies. 

Sahara Square Edit

Bunny burrowsEdit

  • Berry Rose ( xllprv01076 ) She is a arctic wolf. She has dye fur that is pink. Her nickname is Cookie.She works at the Cupcake shop. She is friends with the Hopps family.
  • Blossom (ja50414) I'm a bunny with purple fur I'm a predictor .nickname is Bell . works as a criminal. I'm female and my sister is Judy Hopps younger sister 

Savanna Central Edit

  • Lonzo ( Cupcakewordstar ) Lonzo is a fearless lion and is a predator! Despite his rough appearance,Lonzo has a sweet side. He enjoys working at different places and he loves coffee. Lonzo owns a local coffee shop called Rainforest Delights.

Meadowlands Edit

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